1. Ross Brumby says:

    Singular is unicorn, plural is unicorns, collective noun is manicorns.

  2. Jackie S says:

    A group of unicorns is called a "BLESSING".

  3. Christopher Taylor says:

    Blessing of unicorns.

  4. Michelle Ridgway says:

    Way to go, Brian!

  5. Benito Barrios says:

    Awesome hit Brian on quick hits…. what casino were you at?

  6. James Oneavatar says:

    Awesome Quick Hit, congratulations! I don't think I've hit that much, but I think I've hit about $1000 on that style

  7. KAREN WARGO says:

    Awesome jackpot on Quick Hits!

  8. dionne alston says:

    Can I have the link to the bingo app

  9. Martin Hernandez says:

    Lucky Brian hope you get a giant one good luck and thanks for the wonderful videos

  10. Kameron Myles says:


  11. Carol Johnson says:

    Thank you for sharing

  12. Kameron Myles says:

    Good luck bro

  13. Charlotte Nasise says:

    Congratulations Brian so happy for you.

  14. Lucky Scratchers & Slots says:

    5k baby

  15. Rachelle Fortin says:

    I did win the 50 000$ jackpot on the line … good job

  16. William Grzyb Jr says:

    A group of unicorns is called a blessing.

  17. theyoungazn says:

    Amazing games as always

  18. Juanita Cross says:

    Do you play the lightning machine?

  19. Paula Street says:

    Quick Hit Jackpot NICE

  20. Joseph Robert says:

    You should play some hot hits. Played one last night and landed by biggest casino hit. 12 hot hits for $765.02

  21. Sandra Wright says:

    Way to go. So happy to see you win the JACKPOT!!! Nice NICE & NICE!!!

  22. Rick Rodrick says:

    I think you should always make your picks on bonuses. We're here to watch you Brian. Don't mess with your luck by adding our or Britts choices. We might mess with the powers of the universe. Lol.

  23. Regis Chesir says:

    Congrats on that handpay bro!!!!!! Tonight I hit $800 on $1.20 bet

  24. Bobby Devine says:

    Awesome!!!! Congratz!!!!

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