1. Xposed says:

    Catch me Live on Twitch at 9pm EST everyday but Saturdays!

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    Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/xposed

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  2. Der Anonyme says:


  3. Simply Keith says:

    and out of that 172k he gets what like 10k lol

  4. CS Gambler says:

    Always look good on demo game 😀 try for real money 😀

  5. Underrated Gamer says:

    you should fckng pay

  6. S J says:

    What site is this

  7. Abul says:

    Dont gamble and do drugs kids, this is the outcome

  8. nope nope says:

    I watched these videos and I tried to see if I could also make some money and have fun, it didn’t really work out but it makes me happy to see you win big like this and not worry so much about little amounts

  9. Gabe Pinaud says:

    Question when he wins let’s say as an example 50,000$ is it actually 50,000$ or is that game money that translates to a lower number?

  10. LV Gamer says:

    If I ever won like this I would never gamble again.

  11. Guga Ninua says:

    Fuckin Lucker

  12. kraken tattooer says:

    and i cant collect 7k for dat fucking harley :p

  13. Tyson_gibson says:

    Spent 100k and won 10k

  14. ashtrey says:

    nobody woulda guessed last years nba finals

  15. Phil Pearson says:

    When the verified casino streamer process starts in 1 month I'd love to see if this guy submits for the badge. Any bets?

  16. Niklas Ibel says:

    I am so happy that I am not his neighbor

  17. Mc Cubbu yarali grew says:

    Es mein kake:D

  18. Andre Venter says:


  19. 9 7 says:

    What site is this

  20. HOZEFA Vasadwala says:

    can u tell me the sight name

  21. Roy S. Thørn says:

    would like to spend a week with him, the energy transfer would be insane ❤

  22. #TeamTonySpotlight says:

    I was there!!

  23. Carlo Gallipari says:

    172k and he cares about the chair…

  24. A Parmana says:


  25. Adam Chertok says:

    I thought the highest win was that madame destiny win?

  26. Casper Strand says:

    the dance made my day

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