35 thoughts on “🐉 My BIGGEST WIN EVER on 5 Treasures Slot Machine”
  1. Robert Ellis says:

    At least you don't have to pay for the gas home

  2. rich averson says:

    Like the game but always have a hard time getting the free spins

  3. Regal Roofs says:

    Brian……out of all of the Youtube slotters, you are the very best at explaining the slot you are playing and also the very best at the play by play call……LOL. But to the viewers it really matters and makes your videos stand taller than the rest. Congrats.

  4. FJ QM says:

    Oh man lost $$$ the other day on that game.

  5. J. Gravett says:

    Oklahoma has the biggest casino in either the world or the U.S. Can you go there???

  6. Ted Green says:

    britts in the bathroom free to spin…. hit it!!!!!!

  7. Charles or Beth Strine says:

    Britt said they were calling you Beth NJ much luck

  8. James Terrell says:

    Moon Race works well when you rapid fire it.

  9. Dave Robinson says:

    Hoof and Poof?? lol and I love this game, wish you'd play it more. I even went and watched some other slot player playing it, didn't subscribe to it though 😛

  10. Chris Thode says:

    I played a variation of this game in reno last week, hit the grand for 14k

  11. Scott Adams says:

    try and find a willy wonka slot machine

  12. BELIZEAN LALA says:

    I'm hurt! My husband decided to tell me Brain&Britt was at San Manuel after I went home, knowing I'm a Forever Fan!! I sooooo need a Lucky Bracelet and Shirt from BCSlots

  13. Vanessa Otero says:

    Congratulations Brian! That was awesome. Love the bonuses on the game.

  14. Avie Howard says:

    I Love Brian Christopher too!!!

  15. Kate Markham says:

    Just want to say hi and good luck from Erie Pa. Your the best, Kate

  16. momkrk49 says:

    Lol, Hoof and Puff.

  17. momkrk49 says:

    I haven't been to a casino in over two years. Being 72 I'm hesitant to go. But soon I'll have my second covid shot and I plan on going to We-Co-Pa near Fort Mcdowell in AZ.

  18. Helen a says:

    Congrats omg love 5 treasures.
    Haven't need it, lately I go to allot casino's. Where is this at??

  19. study massage says:

    Curious why you never play any of the older school slots,? Maybe just not many left?

  20. TL Slots says:

    Awesome Winning sessions! Thank You for sharing! Keep the winnings Rolling!

  21. acidangel111 says:

    I quote " its not in a lot of casinos " – reality yes, yes it is . Choctaw – pocola , choctaw durant , winstar , choctaw grant . Hardrock tulsa to name a few , I think not in a lot of casinos out west is what you were meaning. It is all over Oklahoma

  22. Bob Joncas says:

    ….BANZA !!!! ..

  23. mzrhonda says:

    That guy behind you took a stance like he's never seen a slot machine. I don't like when people do that to me.

  24. Betsy Clyde says:

    Good hit Brian

  25. hope high says:

    Brian ripped us of one spin on last slot. First time I have ever seen Brian miss-count ever so all is forgiven.

  26. Catherine Alexander says:

    Good morning

  27. Lorraine Ferraro says:

    Another fun time

  28. Juan Chavez says:

    When are you coming to Atlantic City?

  29. Penna Mears says:

    that's replay of my huff and puff experiences lol

  30. Diane Gaudet says:

    Brian you were in Detroit yesterday..

  31. Thomas Ralabate says:

    Nice bonus….You made the right move taking the chance…..

  32. DAN says:


  33. Conner P says:

    What's the song at 4:35?

  34. Janen mashrah says:

    I'm from Ohio Eaton township you guys ever go to the one in Cleveland casinos

  35. Janen mashrah says:

    Hi Brian and Britt I got to watch you guys in a while I love watching you guys so awesome good job keep up the big winnings

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