17 thoughts on “💲💲 My BIGGEST WIN EVER!!! on LIGHTNING LINK 💲💲”
  1. Terry Brauckman says:

    He's playing with "promo" money. Consider this an advertisement.

  2. Danielle Peeler says:

    How can anyone thumbs down his videos? I’m OBSESSED with Brian! He is so friendly and his videos are enjoyable!

  3. Lisa Weinert says:

    Wait, you won 10 grand once. I didn't see a bigger win?

  4. Mighty Mike Lotto Gamer says:

    You must be very lucky they always like giving you JACKPOTS, I hope that comes my way soon good for you!

  5. Ester Dizon says:

    Wow !

  6. Augstina Ruiz says:

    Omg that was awesome!I wish I could do what you do all day lol.I enjoy watching your videos of you and Brit and Marco.

  7. Jason Sanchez says:

    i won 24k on a 3 quarter bet once it was insane

  8. Denise Deramos says:

    I love watching you i would love have a bracelet.but i dont have the money.

  9. CASINO-LADY says:

    Wonderful win! 🙂 🙂

  10. Paula Street says:

    Wow Wow Wow

  11. Lucky Scratchers & Slots says:

    Wow nice jackpot. Max met 10 cent is where its at

  12. Anna Ridgeway says:

    What a wonderful video. Congratulations Brian!

  13. love movie says:

    I never hit any big like that, your videos make me want to go casino, congratulations on your wins

  14. Danielle L says:

    Britt was right it was a plum wild, a 2x and a 3x.

  15. Shelly Wellman says:

    Fantastic win Brian!!!

  16. Shaunos Morrison says:

    Would've been even bigger if that 10 and Q were larger symbols

  17. Rhonda Tew says:

    Thought your biggest jackpot was on Wheel of Fortune for 10K

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