1. Brookie says:

    Can you like bottle your luck and sell it to me please……good grief mannnn!!!

  2. Cedric Spratley says:

    Any strategy recommendations?

  3. Jose Garcia says:

    Do you gamble for a living? Seems you make good $!

  4. lily d says:

    Loved this video! Continued luck in 2021!!!

  5. Alexander Lee says:

    I love it.

  6. Igloo Zoo says:

    Where were you mostly playing? Surely all these wins aren't from Vegas.

  7. Igloo Zoo says:

    I didn't realize you were $.02 denom and thinking geez this guy is horrible at math.

  8. Robert Brehm says:

    I really enjoyed watching all you big wins. You are the Wild Wild Whisperer!

  9. Stephanie S says:

    Amazing wins on WILD WILD !! Wow!

  10. John E says:

    Why don't you mention what casino you are in?

  11. Destany Carroll says:

    Oooo I hope this is me! Sometimes I start low then go high then go low. But I believe this year I’ll win big ❤️

  12. Lucky Men Slots says:

    It was so fun to watch this video!!! Congrats!! Good luck
    Neily 777 and keep going!!!

  13. Leigh Lavigne says:

    Awesome. Awesome!!

  14. Adam Deutsch says:

    Not going to be mean or anything but I think it has something to do with the players cards.

  15. AMAYA Explorer says:

    Wow what a good hit sir Neily for 2020 Goodluck more and keep it up. Love your video

  16. David Mach says:

    It’s insane the amount of times you won jackpots on these Wild Wild games. You made them look too easy if if these games were made to give jackpots.

  17. Pattie Shepphard says:

    Here's wishing you and everyone a much better 2021!

  18. NSM says:

    Are those videos for al 2020 ?

  19. Chayla Lenae says:

    I watched the whole video. This is so great too see especially on low bets. Congrats !! What a great year for you ! New subscriber as well. 2021 will be bigger !

  20. Doc's Slots says:

    Great summation video!

  21. TradeMarked Visualz says:

    I enjoyed every second of this video! Congrats to you and good luck in 2021! Bigger & better!

  22. Sociedade Secreta Home Games says:

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to everyone! May the new year 2021 Be full of BIG HITs

  23. Hope L says:

    What a year you had! Congratulations on all your Big Wins. May 2021 be just as awesome for you!

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