32 thoughts on “MY MOM WON $13,000 IN A LAS VEGAS CASINO!!!”
  1. Francine Hiltbrand says:

    Absolutely incredible… congratulations, MamaVLR! Wonderful session. Vaalt, your big hit is coming!! Can't wait until Monday's live stream!

  2. Jem says:

    Fantastic lucky lady!! Enjoy the winnings!

  3. Gloria Olivas says:

    Well done mom

  4. Nunya Business says:


  5. Rebecca Cox says:

    I love your videos and I look forward to watching your future videos good luck and your mom is a legend of Zelda lol I'm just kidding I love you guys I'm from British Columbia hope you win big and I look forward to watching your future videos

  6. Nancy Mattix says:

    That was awesome to listen to her so excited. Congratulations to mom on that huge win

  7. Kristina Ramirez says:

    "Would you like a drink here?" "YES"
    Lmao. But still, kudos to mom for recording. Great win! Congrats Mom.

  8. Margie O says:

    Congrats to your mom!! Amazing hit! P.S. Mom needs to start a channel. LOL

  9. Claire Pierson says:

    wow low roller yur mom is on fire

  10. JJ Jones says:

    Way to go low roller mom!

  11. Rosalind Phillips says:

    Yay mom!

  12. Flicx pix says:

    Had a similar experience with my Mom. She hit over 9000 dollars on a 68 cent bet beside me on the last machine we were playing that night. She was so thrilled and I know neither of us will ever forget it. Glad your mom hit big too! She will always remember it!

  13. DroxyJ says:

    Now you have 130 episodes of no worry

  14. Brandon Trice says:

    So glad march treated you well! You were the first gambler on YouTube i ever subbed to. Thank you for being genuine

  15. David Brown says:

    Way to go Mom!!!!! WOOHOO! Baby Jesus!!!!

  16. Laura Malek says:

    Holy SMOKES! Mom VLR kicked butt and took names! Yeehaw, that was excellent.

  17. one very says:

    VLR you know we love you but we all know mom has the magic touch lol

  18. Karlie and Mickayla says:


  19. Dick Trickel says:

    VLR, Maybe you need to have a "Moms machine madness" vid? Incredible win and congrats!!

  20. Laura Malek says:

    Gigi just LOVES Dad…she's all "but Dad, but Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad" …at the start of the video. Very sweet, animals love because they ARE loved.

  21. M W says:

    Mom is hilarious, great win.

  22. Arlene Dellovo says:

    Congratulations to your mom, very happy for her!

  23. Ron Brajkovic says:

    Congrats to you Mom!

  24. Peggy Kelley says:

    What a beautiful thing! Congratulations to your mom. Happy Easter.

  25. umptyscratch13 says:

    you might need to start following your mom around filming her playing !!

  26. RockinRob69 says:

    I think Mom shoulda said "BOOM-SHICKY-LICKY-BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!" somewhere during the count-up! Awesome. Congrats! That game is hard to crack sometimes!

  27. karen G says:

    Wow!!!! We've got to meet Mom! You're my favorite, fun to watch and not vulgar! It's your turn next.

  28. L Hepfl says:

    1 spin is all it takes!

  29. Garrett Labelson says:

    Congrats to you both!!

  30. Aimee Correa says:

    Congrats Mom! ❤️

  31. R G says:

    Congratulations to Mama VLR. You two make a great team. Thanks for showing us another new game.

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