36 thoughts on “My Opponent is a Maniac Who Doesn't Take a look at His Playing cards!! Poker Vlog 86”
  1. robert germono says:


  2. Chris says:

    Hey, Adam tell us more about this RAD poker!

  3. Ankle Bracelet says:

    Keep winning – is your online playing still going well?

  4. Dave Ontiveros says:

    Aces, kings, AK suited. Maybe QQ.

  5. Fernando Lucero says:

    Did you just say I’ll turn him into ice cause he looks ilegal wtf fuck you I unsubscribe

  6. Joshua Malingen says:

    Where the radpoker link???

  7. Jay Dougherty says:

    I wish you would give recaps of how much you cashed out for.

  8. James Wenger says:

    You are an asshat not to mention you are bad a poker ..

  9. sherri grace says:

    I see Grace laughing at you when you say your a Casanova!

  10. Youngpup 20 says:

    Closing in on 10K!!!!

  11. Eduardo Torres says:

    Did she have Jacks ?

  12. J R says:

    How's your heart?

  13. ClassicalCats says:

    Did your microphone cum back for seconds? πŸ˜€

  14. Mike Parkis says:

    Super cool video…..

  15. shrek ogre says:

    Dan missed the perfect response…. Its not awesome…. It's RAD…. Come on

  16. BearlyHear says:

    her laugh cracked me up during the first commercial break. Grace is a saint.

  17. Big L says:

    Grace is obv a saint

  18. Tarek Abdelhady says:

    You still in Southpoint? It’s my home casino

  19. Rusty Gold says:

    Polished. Always polished.

  20. richard fabrizio says:

    She has AK or better big pair

  21. thelurker12 says:

    RAD poker needs a larger player base. Too many bots right now in the 1400-1475 ELO range that play a very basic raise/rejam script with any two. It is pretty obvious that they are bots and I even recognize the same 5 names you usually play. I get you need to keep the base happy right now but they need rapid growth to make it viable and make it PvP (I estimate this is about 20% of the games I play)

  22. Barry Hawn says:


  23. G Man says:

    Rain delay is my nephew

  24. SilverShrimp TX says:


  25. Sandro Janita says:

    have to admit I laughed out loud a few times during this one

  26. Daniel Kim says:

    Did Grace marry you, Sir RUDENESS cuz you are a casanova?

  27. Move_I_Got_This says:

    KK how embarrassing, we’ve all been there.

  28. wayne bar says:

    Adam looks like you did manage to make a profit on the session but you didn't say how much. Us subscribers would like to know how much you were in for and how much you cashed out!

  29. drdrayfromla99 says:

    I’m going to start taking money out of pots.

  30. Dan Chambers says:

    I'm just here for those sweet Radpoker ads.

  31. Sean -Chesthole- Osman says:

    That poker game you are schlepping makes you say you read the terms of service. But there's no link, just underlined text. I guess I did just read, "the terms of service."

  32. Get Rich or Die Scratching says:

    Nice one!

  33. C G says:

    Grace had pocket Aces

  34. Zachary Valadez says:

    I was wrong but close

  35. Zachary Valadez says:

    AA I would say was her hand

  36. 18000rpm says:

    What can be better than Adam and Grace and Rain Delay in Vegas woohoo

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