42 thoughts on “MY TOP 5 CASINO TRIPS – BEST DAY EVER!!! – Slot Machine Bonus Wins”
  1. Susan Duval says:

    We love your videos too..keep them coming!! Cheers from Strathvegas!

  2. 99crapsplayer99 says:

    My Brother, I discovered your vids just a few days ago. I so, so much enjoy watching you. I truly do not care about slots an I am a Craps player. Bit, your energy, humor and fun loving attitude no matter WHAT is SO AWESOME! I love every vid you do and I cannot wait to go through EVERY ONE OF THEM! Thank you so much for making these! PLEASE NEVER STOP!!!!!!

  3. 99crapsplayer99 says:

    "You've won 8 free games."

    Yes I have. LOL! Nice Video man!!!!! Love your humor! love your expressions! So Happy and I love it!!!! TY and GOOD LUCK! 🙂

  4. Kristen Larcade says:

    Omg you are so funny!! I’m wearing my ear phones and every time you made the farting noise, I looked at my husband thinkin it was him!!! Lmao!!!

  5. Andy Simmons says:


  6. Texas Rose Mendoza Slot Adventures says:

    Awesome video good wins to keep you playing wishing you continued luck ☘️ had to sub looking forward to seeing more wins

  7. Maxim Petrov says:

    This was great, I've been looking for "strategies for playing slot machines" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Ziyillian Vocation Vanquisher – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my partner got cool success with it.

  8. this guy is back says:

    How come when the Frog jumps in the water he dies lol

  9. mcdubbinz says:

    I don't understand why you're saying you need to get paid when you're intentionally playing very small bets. Immensely harder to make anything more than than a few bucks with the exception of the lucky multipliers. But it does seem like you're having an awesome time so I can't say too much. You had some good luck this go around.

  10. Sandra Borg says:

    So into getting free spins that your not noticing your not winning money lol

  11. Dewitt Highland says:

    That is a good day my friend!

  12. casinogiant says:

    I got the same thing with wicked witches once except it was crows, and it hit a lesser of the same on the respin. 50 cent bet was about the same payout as what you got for the tens.

  13. Alex says:

    wtf bro lol

  14. lorraine sullivan says:

    Great come back !!!! You never know..

  15. Chilie Mango says:

    Boom shakalaka xD

  16. Blonde Mafia says:

    How do you do the fast count? What do you press? I've never seen that!! Lol

  17. tn jamilla says:

    you sound like HOMER….dohhh…

  18. Janica Moore says:

    did you poop in your chair?

  19. S. P. says:

    Funniest line …"they'd have to bring me a handpay and baby wipes!" Lol!!!!!

  20. Arthur Asp says:

    I like how excited you get. You, seem like such a nice person.

  21. walleye wisher says:

    nice picking on captain hook

  22. John Bacon says:

    baby wipe and a handpay…………….. luv it 🙂

  23. Brady Skinner says:

    This channel is awesome!

  24. chris ikitule says:

    mean as spin

  25. Mitchell Palmski says:

    Didn't know Seth Rogen played the slots so much.

  26. Bill Lee says:

    Great finish with the wicked winning 2. Suck ass Africa game so mini worth.Almost sucky for robin hood.Very lucky win day.

  27. Yvette Varcoe says:

    I love watching your videos. You sound like Seth Rogen when you laugh. Congratulations good play

  28. Hotelier _ says:

    you are the #markiplier of slot videos. your reactions and commentary very entertaining. great vids!

  29. Susan White says:

    That was fun to watch! Congratulations!

  30. Jan Hagstrom says:

    Congrats on your fabulous day! I so enjoy watching your videos. You get so excited. I laughed out loud at your baby wipes comment. Wish I had known you when I lived in Vegas. I would have had as much fun watching you play as I would have playing myself.

  31. 8788bb says:

    I kinda hate you. Lol. jokes. Boom Shakalaka.

  32. Missy Cromonic says:

    nice wins!!

  33. The Judies says:


  34. timinator855 says:

    just noticed on the thieves game the free games said higher risk on to top right

  35. James Smith says:

    Man, $22.50 for a full screen at a 90 cent bet?.. That offends me! #lolz

  36. M J says:

    retrigger i love you baby you legend

  37. trae evans says:

    "they would have to bring me a hand pay and baby wipes." had Me laughing lol

  38. Pat Petrelli says:

    Is this Seth Rogen?

  39. alystair says:

    Great run VLR!

  40. Daphoes says:

    great win, i like the way u get exited 🙂 Baconwrapped Titties

  41. rawbean11 says:

    Fun video! I love how excited you get and how positive you are!

  42. Jerry S says:

    Do you do the Lucky Penny Shop toy reviews?

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