12 thoughts on “NEGREANU'S THOUGHTS on the HELLMUTH Excessive Stakes Duel & POKER – Podcast HIGHLIGHTS”
  1. Naessa Unglow says:


  2. Earline Lott says:

    Good stuff Jeff!

  3. Palma Rhem says:

    So sick! Loved this one

  4. Naim ozgur says:

    great one

  5. A B says:

    DN's comments here have aged well.

  6. A B says:

    Truth bomb : 3-0

  7. Chief Willsen says:

    Jeff, I always applaud you when you are streaming live, I miss you being there more often. This Podcast assures people that Poker is on its way back. After many years with boring egocentric weirdos (those that came AFTER the funny guys like Negreanu etc.) finally its getting interesting to watch again. I like Staples bros, Parker and egptian (and you), thats it everyone can see why. Its not the size of the BI but the process with you guys that go very far because you actually WORKED your butts off to get where you are 🙂

    I like Negreanu too, he once beat my bosses aces with 77 (EPT) after tanking for like hours (8-10 mins). He's a rebel, a nomade .. yes everything likable 🙂

  8. Steven Grace says:

    Hellmuth also beat Doug Polk in a big match so he's probably the best in the world.

  9. Van Peeples says:

    Thank you for you’re time Jeff

  10. Kiryan Bro says:

    Daniel the Best)

  11. Лекс Ман says:


  12. hotelmario says:

    Hey Jeff, were you able to get a word in at all?

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