27 thoughts on “New Enormous Win 277.000€ on FRUTZ Slot 🙀 Greatest Wins Of The Week 16”
  1. Ratfoxcat 1 says:

    75 euro spins lol seems legit

  2. Sebastian Bodler says:

    Hahah, fucking love the reactions xD

  3. Milan Dimovski says:

    leave the man alone he is happy …good reaction… congrats

  4. A J says:

    Fakes shit ever

  5. vitaliano masi tattooink says:


  6. Muhammad Syahrul Aditya says:

    wow, the biggest win of the slot video i watch,

  7. Games Master says:

    Great wins!!!

    My stake is sxsethh

  8. Abuz Art says:

    feed my goat bro GG stake :abuzmaster

  9. Mark Summers says:

    "i never knew it could pay" It Cant……..only on f/p, dem, casino play!

  10. Ethane Galbraith says:

    Cool win! Congrats!

  11. Allmenace says:

    Love you guys thanks for always keeping it real!!

  12. Adam adam says:

    Are these haters just retarded or what ? I am not even write a big comment about how dumb you guys are, you clearly dont even know how a bussiness works.. all creed and love to Classybeef and the beefgang TriHard 7

  13. Ddd Dxf says:

    Stake: Kinghasso31

  14. Ilias grevels says:

    Sad to see that haters exist..but u know what they say success comes with haters!!!

  15. Girga G says:

    Best community on twitch !Aware Great Wins!

  16. Fred says:


  17. Nagender Neldz says:

    Love you! ❤❤

  18. muhammad adnan says:

    I was waiting your video and now finally …thank you for gambling content and congrats for massive wins.

    Stake username: lionheart22

  19. Jacob Møller says:

    Amazing video! great wins keep it up!! #Beefgang

  20. Esben Ravnholt says:

    Stake: CRKDMan

  21. Best NCS Avee Player says:

    People in the behind with hair cut like ant road, he bring Hoki (Luck).

  22. Can says:

    Very nice wins! Get in! Stake: boneoop

  23. Ade Black says:

    Love you guys, nasty big wins enjoy don’t drink too much lol

  24. hnz says:

    Georgi & Jonte are best duo :Dd

  25. Paijojus buah Buah says:

    Mantap boos sukses selalu chanel ini
    Bagi bagi THR dong buat lebaran

  26. Francisco Lopes says:

    You guys are the best, reminds me of times where me and my buds would just deposit all together in a slot and party the fuckk up

  27. Kev Evans says:

    What an amazing video classyevill

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