8 thoughts on “⭐️ NEW – Goblin's Gold slot machine, bonus retriggers”
  1. Rainy R&R & R&R says:

    Go big or or home!

  2. NN Dylan says:

    Never seen this one, but the free games and re-triggers are great!

  3. Jennifer Goodwin says:

    ."..An the Goblins a git you if you don't watch out". At least that's what the James Whitcomb Riley poem (1885 – Lillte Orphan Annie), that we Hoosier children were threatened with back in Indiana told us. Not this game — you want to get the Goblins instead – 40 of them would be nice. Fun game. Lots of YouTubers seem to like it. Especially your regular fans — happy GOOSE – $66 win – happy viewers dancing – Geese make us want to dance too. Looks like we are looking for Goblin Gold on the end reels and those middle arrays of 9×9 red diamond wilds. Lots of nice respins and free spins. You had an earlier try on Pure Gold on Oct 21, 2017 but this is better. Might want to play it again near Halloween.


    Great vid! Glad the goose made an appearance!

  5. CT Slotters Slot Machine Videos says:

    Goblin was good to the goose! We like Pure Gold and are excited to try this clone!

  6. O K says:

    Money bag Goblin rewarded you with an excellent win. I'm surprised you didn't play this again, or did you? It's always good to see the Goose dance! Congrats and thank you for sharing!

  7. deborah perryman says:

    Interesting game, wouldn't mind playing it, should I see it.

  8. wlwal1 says:

    At first  looked like the Goblin was going to take your Gold, but that bonus, and extra spins paid very well for you!

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