19 thoughts on “New HIGH LIMIT Dragon CASH Slot HUGE HANDPAY JACKPOTS | Excessive Restrict Reside Slot Play In Las Vegas COSMO”
  1. Alexandru Victor Popa says:

    Good job Ng Slot ! Xie-xie means " thank you " !

  2. Fiorenza Russel says:

    Well done my friend…great cause

  3. Natallia Orejro says:


  4. TheWise Owl says:

    Amazing, I absolutely love this

  5. Dania Martinez says:


  6. magcarl2000 says:

    Nice watch NG!

  7. Bea Long says:

    You were this close (. .) NG to getting the grand on the dragon link ✍ THE POWER OF YOUR BONUS!

  8. Marlene DR says:

    I wish I could try my luck gambling. I am broke. I cannot find a job despite holding two masters.

  9. bobby novotny says:

    Show me the power of your bonus!

  10. Christopher Folekene says:

    Wow! Two great wins

  11. Ned Matic says:

    Great win NG good comeback congratulations

  12. Richard Wallace says:

    Awesome job #NGslots!!

  13. ericaharmony says:

    So glad you won, NG!!

  14. Adrian Zuniga says:

    Ng I found this exact winning of you in someone’s TikTok maybe someone is pretending he won

  15. Allison Davis says:

    Wonderful !

  16. May Salvador says:

    You’re awesome! Good job NG!

  17. oculos prudentium says:

    Great job there! You made the machine your ATM!!

  18. James Oneavatar says:

    Awesome run, congratulations!

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