8 thoughts on “[NEW/NOT RE-RUN] Excessive Stakes Poker Returns $50/100+100BBA NLH! – Dwell on the Bike!”
  1. Brad Lally says:

    Are they all playing at the prison? So much Plexiglass, i couldn't do it.

  2. Ferris2000 says:

    I love that Live at The Bike is back but you guys need to really fix those card readers. It's really not entertaining when you have unknown hands half the time 🙁

  3. Day Man says:

    So glad to see you guys back at it, I’ve missed watching live poker.

  4. El Nini says:

    This is ridiculous are founding fathers would be embarrassed.

  5. Wild Bill Handcock says:

    Wayne this looks so dumb. Plexiglass lmfao

  6. Shawn Z says:

    Wait uncle Abe died!!!

  7. Ron S says:

    So have these guys like Garrett played mostly online games or private home games during pandemic?

  8. Vera Drummond says:

    Garrett running hot as usual lmao

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