31 thoughts on “New Proof PROVES Mike Postle Is No Poker God…”
  1. joeingram1 says:

    The PRE-GOD MODE NO CROTCH LOOKING SESSION STARTS AT 11:00 – if you want to see how Postle really plays, watch this compared to the session we've watched this week.


    Someone's helping him

  3. ted evans says:

    I always wondered why they allowed phones at the table , seemed wrong to begin with . I see the moment when he put the phone down there , and that looked odd , I think it is between his legs , not on his lap .

  4. Raz Cue says:

    Nice detective work!

  5. bless ah blessin says:

    He is looking down watching the damn same game he is playing

  6. Scott Martin says:

    Without the crotch phone he's just your average recreational player.

  7. Michael Fisher says:

    Backdoor Quad Draw got the Like

  8. Paint Mixer 73137 Hawk says:

    hes watching the live stream

  9. 88mphDrBrown says:

    The worst part isn't just his decisions, it's his explanations for them.

  10. Healiing Cove says:

    You guys are jealous of his poker skills, strictly poker envy

  11. Big Worm says:

    Dude best proof yet! He’s a total Bitch

  12. anibaldk says:

    This is not be solved in court. This is to be solved in the backdoor alley between Mike and all the people he busted out.

  13. riley long says:

    Dude we get it!!! Stop with all the silly ass profane questions.

  14. Part1 says:

    Has this guy ever been prosecuted? I would say the year 2020 at the time, the casino should really put a damper on electronic devices, problem solved

  15. walker clinedinst says:

    You can see he logs into something with a number pin from what I can tell and leaves the screen open when he drops his phone in his lap… what is the software they were using for their r.f.i.d. setup

  16. Thomas Doherty says:

    Paul prior to the phone being in the lap just look at how often he looks at his phone when it's on the rail almost never send when his phone is not on the rail look at how often he looks in his lap all the time when the phone is on the rail you never see him look down you've never seen really looking on his phone so that right there lol

  17. Germ-san 0.01% says:

    This weird why nobody noticed him during the entire session. That casino's security and host are blind. Everyone should boycot that casino.

  18. Jonnathan Esquijarosa says:

    Is this guy in JAIL already?

  19. Raymond Armatino says:

    I'm no master but my winnings are much higher than loses. I play 2/5 or 5/10. I could make a living at it. I've always been a natural at reading people. Then I read the FBI psychology book. Forgot the name. Then I read Negreanus book. My wife would never let me play for a living. I know that any good player is watching everyone when cards are dealt and when they are the only ones in the hand. Postle never watchs anyone. His own reads come after he looks down. He never gets it wrong

  20. ae eoo says:

    Most poker players cheat he is just not good at it.

  21. philly flow says:

    Every time Joey says crotch, Mike owes a dollar.

  22. GsxrLover91 says:

    Its like 3am and I don't even know how to play poker but iv watched like 3 hours of videos about this, well that's enough internet for today lol

  23. Tom Nelson says:

    What is going on with this poker community? You are all such assholes. Why in all the hands that he allegedly cheated on didn’t someone at one of these games challenge him on his constant looking at his crotch? “What do you have in your crotch there MAN???” Simple question huh? Why not ask? Clearly that would have woken him up to the fact that he was being watched.
    This whole community… you are a bunch of assholes.

  24. Matthew says:

    he not even a solid player

  25. morgan kvikstad says:

    you are fucking awesome @joeingram thank you dude. AND FUCK MIKE POSTLE THAT PIECE OF GARBAGE

  26. PROUDBOYS USA says:

    Haha so jesus calls his bluff and he folds a j straight with straightflush potential hahaha

  27. expomm says:

    Did ever find the app or whatever software used by him? Was Stones involved?

  28. Mike Chuchmach says:

    ATTN @Joeingram1 and @PhilGalfond
    Who had God Mode before Mike P? For the year leading up to Mike P's god mode, Dave O owned Mike Postle.
    At 0:29 Dave O has a box of Altoids on his phone. Does he ever move those Altoids to glance at God Mode tips?
    At 2:36 Dave O leans back. Is his phone down on his lap?
    11:1214:50 Phone covered with cigarettes. Does he ever move the cigs to glance at god mode tips?
    at 12:03 he does the hat grab to look at his phone. Are the cigs placed in such a way to show one line of the text message?
    16:3216:58 phone is covered by Something. A Business card maybe? Dave O calls with suited 6,2.  Hits bottom pair but folds to Mike P's QQ because he couldn't get a flush.
    20:0022:00 wins pot but no phone on rail. Is the phone in his lap?
    I wonder what Dave O's Play was like for the "last year" while he owned Mike P? 
    Did Dave O have god mode and pass it to Mike P? 
    Is there previous video with Dave O with his phone covered?
    Did Dave O continue playing for long once he passed the God Mode torch to Mike P?

  29. Karl Kahn says:

    how exactly did he cheat? whole video is just an alluding to something. give the goods get into why its possible to cheat like that.. what was he even doing? looking at his phone watching the livestream? jeeze you think the tournament would have a better system in play to stop that from happening so what was he doing?

  30. Shroomin' says:

    Hope this fool goes to prison

  31. Jacob Galvan says:

    Isn't there a hand delay so how does cheating happen? Everybody would be doing this crotch move if it was possible right? If it's even slightly possible to see other people's hole cards why does anyone even sit down at the table and keep showing there cards to camera? There possibly needs to be a crotch cam for purity of the game

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