25 thoughts on “New Slot Bonus Compilation – Thriller Museum and Extra!”
  1. James says:

    This guy is entertaining us , stop bitching about the other Chanel!
    We have a pandemic going! A lot of people can’t do there Job like back in the days .

    He is just doing it a bit lower then normally but still I appreciate your work mate

    Keep it up

  2. Ditkazbearz2 says:

    Frozen gems at high bet is amazing 8 euro bet 4600. 10 euro bet 3890

  3. rozza says:

    Surprised you still play on VIDEOSLOTS esp when they keep harassing you for DOCS! And games you wanna play don’t work!

  4. jays aventures says:

    Why do you not do a bonus hunt Leave all the bonuses till the end

  5. Paul Harvey says:

    Just a thought they non UK gambling regulated slots fast spins and bonus buys worth a shot

  6. Robert Bennnett says:

    I've had over 700 spins on San Quentin without a bonus. It can really be an arse

  7. IZGO Music says:

    U HAVE A NEW CHANNEL!? And Ive been wondering where you were if you were ok. DUDE. I missed you!

  8. J Lee says:

    That Timmy the bike seat sniffer is a wanker pass it on

  9. T Jones says:

    What’s your videos slots promo code mate?

  10. Lewis Potter says:

    There something wrong with video slots, I’ve done £60 on 10p spins with 0 bonuses wtf

  11. thomas colley says:

    you can get an auto clicker for your mouse

  12. b f g says:

    Do u swear in front of your kids aswell

  13. Okidok i says:

    If it’s wasn’t the bandit it would have no viewers, this is “gash”

  14. stevelriemen says:

    mystery museum was released like 5-6 months ago, if i am not mistaking…

  15. donjey1234 says:

    Videoslots RTP is set to 49% on all games for the last few months it seems – terrible site at the moment. you should move casinos

  16. Andy Stone says:

    san quentin and east coast/west coast have both gone to shit this week…..honestly it's shameful what they've done ……honeymoon is definitely over

  17. Jeroen says:

    Ahh bandit where are the high limit games. As much as i like your content this 1 pound bet spins are getting boring.

  18. Ryan Owen says:

    Tell you what I'd love to see you going to the lightning roulette every now and again you could cover nearly all the numbers hoping lighting strikes I got a good hit that way and it would be fun to watch

  19. Silver Ghost says:

    thanks for the upload

  20. Jack Collinson says:


  21. Samuel Grosset says:

    Please please please go back to daily uploads!!!!! Long time fame. Good I miss watching everyday!

  22. Rob Brookland says:

    I’ve been watching you for 3 years mate and I never thought I’d say this but I’ve been watching other videos before these power up ones. They’re pretty boring and I don’t quite think it’s like your earlier content

  23. Robin Finckelstein says:

    “New”….but the same.

  24. James Hill says:

    I have to change web browsers from chrome to something else for different games

  25. wayne williamson says:

    thanks steve nice variety in games again

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