15 thoughts on “NEW SLOT ⭐️HIGH LIMIT Energy Hyperlink Zeus & Neptune Max Wager $30 Bonus Spherical Slot Machine On line casino NICE WIN”
  1. steve byers says:

    Very cool updated versions. I can't wait to try them. Thanks for playing it. Crazy you bet $30 and they drop orbs for $12..min should always be your bet.

  2. Harley Grattan says:

    Both games look amazing. Neptune reminds me of Loki!

  3. David Payne says:

    Pretty cool games. Hard for me to get by SHR but definitely a nice establishment. Enjoyed your video. Happy gambling y’all!

  4. Karen S says:

    Stingy bonuses but fun game‼️

  5. Jack Stearns says:

    Like the long videos and the two different games. Zeus looks like like Captain Bill McKlosky on "Deadliest Catch"!

  6. Jacob Mabbott says:

    Great win. Nice line hits too

  7. Jason Flora says:

    Very cool Zeus game Mark. You and Gretchen did pretty good o nit. I've never seen that one yet. Good luck and not sure if Gretchen is a mom, so happy Mothers Day.

  8. Christopher Folekene says:

    Loving the look of this new game

  9. KT Poker says:

    Nice slot! Lots of graphics!!!

  10. Terramex says:

    Glad you got paid because these games usually are more noise than paying out….Do it again

  11. Henry Lee says:

    That's a good start MG good luck

  12. Patti L says:

    WOW – that was great – I’ve played this at my local and it was a killer – no bonus on either of them – You did fantastic- – Holy cow you were dialed into those games – I don’t particularly like how you can get a ball less than your bet – thanks for another great video ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Joel Barron says:

    I absolutely love these new games you just played. And congratulations on your winnings. This is very exciting and I love the graphics

  14. Brenda Redmond says:

    Loved both new games. Hope you will try them again. Thanks for being here for us

  15. Vanessa Otero says:

    ZEUS has a lot of potential. It has a lot of ways to win. Congratulations on that nice hit. Is nice to see different games at the casino. You get tired of playing the same ones over and over again. I see that Neptune is similar to Zeus. This was a good session.

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