1. Fredz Slots n Stuff says:

    New Subscriber, Love that Gold Stacks Game

  2. maat hathor says:

    Everytime you got the jackpot feature it was always the mini. So that feature was worthless at a $500 bet. In less it is different once in a blue moon.

  3. AMAYA- Explorer says:

    Love that bonus feature crazy rich Asian I want to try one of this days.

  4. CONVEX says:

    Heading to Winstar World Casino next Monday and Tuesday and will be trying the Cash Me Out method for the first time. Fingers crossed and I'll let you know how it goes!

  5. SlotBabe says:

    That new crazy rich Asians was a ton of fun to watch! Definitely have to play that next time. Thanks Neily for another great video!

  6. Lovely Flower says:

    I enjoy cash me out !

  7. Gimmie Games says:

    Neily 777 – Thanks for playing our new Crazy Rich Asians slot game and nice run in the Free Games bonus 🙂 Glad to see you enjoyed it!

  8. Denise Brooks says:

    I enjoyed congratulations on your wins. Win or lose CMO is always interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Sarah Epper says:

    Surprised cancel culture didn't cancel this

  10. KimCam says:

    Neil, great win. What is the name of the cascading egyptian slot machine you played?

  11. deborah perryman says:

    I enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing

  12. Catherine Cameron says:

    Interesting and prosperous wins on Crazy Rich Asians and a bummer of a "winning" week! Waddayagonnado? Keep playing and hope for more of the first and less of the second next week! Always enjoy and always learn!

  13. Judy Lynn says:

    Thanks for showcasing the new Asian slot

  14. Michael Serns says:

    Wow you won on a mighty cash!!! I would love to have just 1% of your luck on wild wild games lol. Great video

  15. Linda Liddell says:

    What a great run. Congratulations on your wins!!

  16. Vanessa Otero says:

    Hi Neily I love crazy Asian game. I watched that movie a million times. Congratulations on winning on the machine

  17. onejazzimom says:

    Your CRA game was on fire and another Wild Wild exciting one! Good stuff!!!

  18. vegas on film says:

    Wow crazy rich Asians was so on fire ans I liked the gold stacks , never seen it before …I appreciate your great videos always

  19. Lucky Dog Slots says:

    Lots of fun slot play and Wins buddy!!! Loved seeing the new Crazy Rich Asians game!!! Cant wait to play it in Vegas!!!!

  20. Yo_ Ang says:

    I have been wondering if they were ever going to bring Megaways to the actual casinos, I've played these online while in New Jersey. They can be super intense!!!

  21. Karen Alvarez says:

    That's the exact same Crazy Rich Asians game that a woman won the grand on the other day on a .75 cent bet there at San Man.

  22. Bernadette Phillips says:

    Just ordered 2 winners banks for our next trip! I enjoy watching all your videos. Thanks for sharing the fun.

  23. Nancy Mattix says:

    Stack of Gold Is my all-time favorite game. Thanks for choosing that one.

  24. Robert Cure says:

    Think there was a wheel feature on first game?

  25. Michael Fung says:

    Very active slot! Congrats!

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