18 thoughts on “NEW SLOT ⭐️Kraken Unleashed Lobster Bay $50 MAX BET Bonus Spherical Slot Machine On line casino”
  1. David H says:

    Interesting new game. I can definitely see some big potential. In London our casino's will FINALLY be able to reopen next month so I'll get a chance to see what new games have been added here.

  2. Amanda Helstrom-White says:

    Always nice to see a new game. Definitely some interesting stuff there. Very pretty. Not sure how it would play long term. Would like to see the other bonus

  3. Rick Leong says:

    Kraken Unleashed Lobster Bay – approx
    105 spins to bonus on $2 at $50 for $900(18x) plus 28 out (finished -1999)

    This looks like a fun game. A little volatile but if you can "release the Kraken"..(lol) looks like it can pay well. Thanks for sharing..

  4. Slots NJ says:

    I’m sure this game has great potential if you could get that unleash the Kraken thing but I would rather pass on this game too hard to get a bonus and the line hits are terrible – thanx for playing it and for the video ❤️

  5. Jimmykick Blackjack says:

    That game sucks!

  6. Brendan C says:

    Love this new slot machine, BUT!… i have had the Minor (@$2,500) slowly drop away a few times and i cried, hahaha. Ty for the upload 😀

  7. Tommy B says:

    The floating numbers can jam up your pay lines. I think the higher Denom is a better play on this game.

  8. Vanessa Otero says:

    Hi Mark and Gretchen. The game looks very interesting. It does have potential. It seems like is hard to get a bonus.

  9. Darron Mecak says:

    looks like you clawed your way back on that one mark.

  10. Tim Berrington says:

    Not crazy about this game. It seems the money balls hang around for the next couple spins and just serve as blockers

  11. mindlessautomaton says:

    I wanted to like it, but that's a pretty rough first impression

  12. Vickie Gonzalez says:

    Yeah I’m staying away from that one

  13. Otis Boyles says:

    Big teaser

  14. Jacob Mabbott says:

    Shame about the bad session. But will you guys play this again. Seems to have great potential like you said

  15. Suzy D says:

    I played this kraken at my local casino it was trash, put in over 70 bucks no bonuses

  16. J. D. says:

    It looks like a nice game but the bonuses are extremely hard to get and have very low payoffs. Thanks for covering this game.

  17. Peter Piper says:

    Looks like a bonus rather than line payer. Great potential if you can crack the Kracken ……Thanks for posting….

  18. Margaret Willingham says:

    Good morning, Mark & Gretchen! exercises slot machine kicking leg sessions like this need to disappear!

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