18 thoughts on “NEW TICKET WIN! $10 On line casino Motion Tremendous Ticket! ✦ TEXAS LOTTERY SCRATCH OFF TICKET”
  1. Carlos Trinidad says:

    Puro fraude con estos tikets

  2. Lottery248 - Satellite 0 - Velphord says:

    awesome huge ticket again! :DD

  3. texguy 790 says:

    Not bad at all.

  4. Tony Aiello says:

    Fun ticket

  5. Scratchers On Saturday says:

    Great new ticket!

  6. Ryan Watty says:

    Mint ticket. Don’t they say that everything is bigger in Texas? Well it definitely rings true with your scratchers I think they are the biggest ever. You are a scratcher superstar making good videos keep it up I check in daily to see if you got new shit up.

  7. Silver Scratcher says:

    Fun ticket & video! Tidy win, too!

  8. Travis Wilkes says:

    That ticket looks so fun!

  9. Stormsfury777 says:

    A bit of action clumped in one portion! Not too bad!

  10. Amber Ely says:

    I so can't wait to play this lol

  11. okie scratcher says:

    I really like those . Wish we ever got huge Tix

  12. Xtreme Scratchers says:

    Nice Looking Ticketand $10 profit

  13. GA Scratcher says:

    Love this ticket

  14. Lenny Salisbury says:

    Nice double up brother. Wow huge ticket.

  15. Hi Baby says:

    I like this ticket FTS!, but they'll let us scratch off slots but not play the real thing, when will Texas ever change this ban and build CASINOS for us Texans!, this isn't the old west anymore, I think gambling on slots should be legal!..Show us some ( CASINO LOVE )

  16. Kimberly Butterfield says:

    Nice win, that ticket looks like it is so much fun to scratch.

  17. Cheryl Dillon says:

    Nice win on first ticket scratched!

  18. Southernsmile 4u says:


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