1. CHristal xo says:

    I like how they show you the poker cheat sheet on the back. These new tickets are better then the làst drop. Thanks TC

  2. Jessica Rose says:

    I like the new poker tickets won 75 tonight on one…good luck!!

  3. chris truax says:

    That third poker ticket had a winning hand. We had a poker ticket just like that in Michigan, only difference was if you won on more than one hand it multiplies

  4. Scotty Walker says:

    There's a strange $60 win on that $20 ticket

  5. Coke collector says:

    The poker tickets look like a Michigan ticket thanks for sharing

  6. elviejoinez says:

    The odds on the poker are not really that good.

  7. Gail Williams says:

    Wishing you a Big Big win next time have a bless day

  8. Susan says:

    Michigan has almost the same poker tickets they are to win on

  9. taz z says:

    I learned to play poker as a 3rd grader. I won enough money playing penny ante poker with family on vacation as a 10 year old to buy my own school clothes. This was 50 years ago and I still love playing the game.

  10. Dominique Clayton says:

    I enjoyed this video!!! I just learned a little about poker…thank you

  11. The Maine Scratcher says:

    I usually have to scan the poker tickets, as I don’t know poker that well either!!! Lol

  12. elizabeth evans says:

    Hi two wins not bad nice session good luck.x

  13. gumby2412 says:

    Almost Half?.. you lost..saying almost doesn't make it any better!.. but..I did enjoy the Poker game..now..if only you could learn what beats what..and not wast time turning the ticket over after every scratch ..that would be good. What do I know..I Don't Do Scratchers! Love and LUCK Dulce!

  14. Dylan Jom says:

    That's weird that you guys in Texas have similar tickets like us in Michigan. That Poker ticket is definitely like the one in Michigan but it's called Poker Multiplier which is odd to play.

  15. Michael Colorado Gambler says:

    I would love to see a video of you playing video poker sometime! That would be a neat change of pace. I'm going to try and film myself playing video poker the next time I visit a casino.

    Glad you got a decent win on the poker! I haven't seen people have much success on that ticket. I won $10 on our $3 poker a couple of weeks ago.

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