13 thoughts on “NEWEST Excessive Restrict Mighty CASH Slot at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas!”
  1. Mac Brazzle says:

    Your cartoon logo looks like the old Wendy’s commercial

  2. Lee Blanchard says:

    This version of mighty cash is kind of sucky

  3. Dianna Strending says:

    Dirty girl so many times at the end!!!

  4. Lydia Rivera says:

    GOOD. LUCK. GOOD. LOOK. YOU. GAME. I. Liked. Puerto. Rico ♥️

  5. Mark Cappuccio says:

    I've noticed a ton of Asian orientated games coming down the pike in past few months. I think all they did was take in the Outback game and retooled into this one. Good luck and good gaming.

  6. erinn kemp says:

    These games never give you a decent bonus.

  7. Brandie martineau says:

    Will be in vegas on sunday late .. hope to run into u both u guys seem so fun.. great videos lady luck

  8. Tony Yee says:

    I think of all the mighty cash games, that one is the toughest.

  9. Anthony Martinez says:

    Maybe next time …

  10. Cats Bestie says:

    This game has potential if it ever offered some playback! WTH. Nice effort LL!

  11. Tammy Heffernan says:

    Props for trying guys!! We have Kangaroo Jack at my local casino. Doesnt seem too popular. Thanks!!

  12. Brenda Redmond says:

    Very cold. Better luck on next one. Take care and God Bless!

  13. Catherine Alexander says:

    Good luck get that minor

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