5 thoughts on “Newest On line casino Bonus Questions and Solutions Half 2”
  1. Phlegethon says:

    Wow Michael’s hair turned white the last few years. It really sucks that people get old…

  2. Astrosjer says:

    Even though you are not a fan of it Michael Happy Christmas Michael!

  3. Happier Times are Coming says:

    and if by chance I get LUCKY (I am a “math based” investor/gambler) a dinner invitation for BOTH of you would definitely be on my list !

  4. Happier Times are Coming says:

    I REALLY do appreciate BOTH of you and your videos ! THANK YOU BOTH ! I have NEVER been to Vegas, however it is on my vacation destinations, and I would truly love to meet you both (and maybe view a show LIVE)

  5. Happier Times are Coming says:

    Watching NOW, I need to get on board with TIMES you are LIVE ! my bad

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