12 thoughts on “NICE! I acquired a HEARTSTOPPER *uncommon?* and WIN on Lil' Satan Slot”
  1. ASMR Paradise says:

    Haha that was hilarious. It's definitely listening to you

  2. Daniel Buckler says:

    I got 500x on dynamite lover

  3. Conor Griffiths says:

    Yes chip, Love the vids pal

  4. TheGoos Biertje says:

    I will never be able to watch a lil devil bonus again ever in my life. Had a heartstopper with 10 as symbol.. hit only 1 10 no hearts… for a freaking 7x bonus. Unreal. Hurts like crazy.

  5. Cameron Barnes says:

    To much complaining negativity and trying to make other people look bad I’ve been watching u for such a long time and whenever jord isn’t there it just seems to be so much negativity roll on Wednesday bring jord back

  6. S C says:

    You gained my respect in this video with that talk at the end mate not that you need my respect to validate who you are and what you do like but think that just shut a lot of haters up, well done Chip.

  7. Slot Dog says:

    The timing of that lil devil hit was class tbf that’s the rarest that happened in this video that side never pays lol well done chip

  8. Youtube Police says:

    What were you lifted for haha?

  9. sgtbash5624 says:

    Heart stopper is not rare???

  10. T VeXeD says:

    not a bad bonus is it chip lol 2 multipliers and your off nice win

  11. Paul Tudor says:

    Lily devil yoooooooo

  12. Andy McNab says:

    What time you on in the morning?

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