23 thoughts on “NICE WIN! Timberwolf Diamond! Incredible New Slot Machine!”
  1. David’s World 71512 says:

    Fun fun

  2. Mot Tada says:

    Love the hair, hate the mask

  3. Jose Valdez says:

    I'm really enjoying your videos , your still my best and favorite slot girl. ..

  4. MrTnbopp123 says:

    sometimes i forget to watch the reels cause im lost in those eyes

  5. Jason Rhodes says:

    Good luck Sarah I'm pulling for ya. Jason

  6. Richard Sun says:

    Only slot players will truly know that feeling of seeing the first 2 bonus wheels hit and waiting for a third only to be disappointed that it doesn’t hit.
    “One more, one more”. You piece of shit!! Haha

  7. Kim K says:

    Happy to know I’m not the only one who calls the old guy Santa Claus lol! Congrats on a nice win; this new version looks like a lot of fun!

  8. Steven Powell says:

    Nice one Sarah well done, good luck for loads more x

  9. Ken Riches says:

    Wondering why games did respin sometime s .

  10. John McAfee says:

    Thanks for introducing us to new games. Headed for Biloxi April 1st and will look for all your games!!

  11. Rene Nunez says:

    Nice win

  12. Adrian Wood says:

    Hi good luck smash it stay safe and have fun

  13. Paz Tsukiko says:


  14. AK Don L H says:

    Love spilt screen can’t wait till you can lose the mask so we can see that smile

  15. Taz says:

    Hi Sarah, long time. Congrats on the win. Wow, new hairstyle, still beautiful as ever. Just dropping by since I've been busy. Take care!

  16. daver8521 says:

    Nice win, Sarah!

  17. kathy mcallister says:

    i live this game

  18. Dedy Satya says:


  19. Dennis Goode says:

    Keep up the awsome job. I miss vegas have not been in three years.

  20. Kristian Gonzalez says:

    You have great production value!! Good job and good luck!

  21. John Byrne says:

    Nice hit, game looks fun

  22. scrotie mcbogerballs says:

    Wow you are so sweet and beautiful Sarah god bless

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