41 thoughts on “No person Loses Like Barry Greenstein on Excessive Stakes Poker”
  1. lou dorchen says:

    Barry got his hole ripped during these sessions WOW, The J9 hand was such a bad play to lose that much with one pair all the rest yeah he got screwed

  2. Limit AK says:

    I know Barry never runs it twice but the only thing I don't get is why he wouldn't accept the offer from Sammy when Sammy's KK cracked his AA.
    Did he say no bc he didn't want to seem like a snake for accepting now that he was a huge underdog? Someone offers me to run it 2x in pot like when I'm drawing to 2 outs, I'm saying "sure, thanks!".

  3. David T says:

    Barry, please run it twice from now on.

  4. Adolfo Camarena says:

    Some of these are just BAD PLAYS by Barry. Whats he doing in there with some of those hands? J8 OS Raise in early position open? then gets raised on the flop, so he bet calls, then check calls the turn? the 7of D which complete tons of hands like two pairs, and of course, the 10,9 straight. And Barry, STILL CALLS! wtf?!?

    Not really unlucky in some of these spots…just bad play….

  5. Max VL says:

    I met Berry at the Bike Casino years ago in the early 2000's. He actually came up to me and shook my hand. Such a class act! A fan of his for sure!

  6. Matt Hutt says:

    I guess nobody saw Daniel's run on this show? Talk about cooler after cooler.

  7. bigbadbruins1 says:

    I can’t stand Barry and Gold.Both are JERKS.

  8. Alex L says:

    Barry should just open muck his AA whenever he gets em

  9. kevin williams says:

    Shouldn’t be a one time man.

  10. roadhockey says:

    Dwan was so good then.

  11. larry spizzirri says:

    Barry needs to fold pocket aces everytime

  12. larry spizzirri says:

    Sounds like Norm McDonald

  13. Jon Beta says:

    I love watching Barry lose. It's his arrogance that makes it so satisfying

  14. Leonard Julius says:

    Daniel Negreanu has entered the chat

  15. Z says:

    eastegate trips duckes ???? muck???? what the fuck , he won WSOP right?

  16. Z says:

    barry makes suckers calls he deserve to lose, not kitchen table buddies anymore

  17. Axl Rose says:

    Barry is a fish.

  18. Antony says:

    Surely after quite a few bad beats, Barry should start running it twice.

  19. Harrison Hayes says:

    he looses all his hands….with fuckin aces. lmao

  20. BIG MAY DON says:

    when u only play aces ur gonna lose

  21. Zhanbolat Zhumatov says:

    Асеs are overrated cards)

  22. JohnnyAppleseed says:

    Peter Eastgate had no business in that game. I'd bet that if he was playing a limit he feels comfortable at, he wouldn't fold the 3 2's.

  23. Nix'Nut New Retro Wave says:

    Unlucky or bad play?

  24. Tyson Sperling says:

    Why does that commentator sound like norm Macdonald

  25. GusChiggins says:

    Barry donates alot of his winnings to charities. Always sucks to see him lose alot by being unlucky to some rich douchebag

  26. Mihail says:

    Aces for Barry…
    We all know what follows…

  27. willoxXxXx says:

    A normal day on Pokerstars

  28. up_the_bracket says:

    Because he gets defrosted and awoken from his eternal slumber too soon before the matches.

  29. phunkdoctaspock says:

    Dwan is such trash, it's disgusting.

  30. Josh Mathews says:

    What about when Tom Dean had aces and Barry had J9 and busted his aces? He’s just as unlucky as anyone else.. Daniel is pretty unlucky though

  31. kevin guzman says:

    Running it more than once reduces variance. So let that be a lesson

  32. McLovin says:

    6:55 damn, guy with the worst hand won

  33. To0_ NaSty says:

    That's what he gets for not doing business when you're gambling for hundreds of thousands

  34. ChauncyCharm says:

    He looks like hed be on "To catch a predator"

  35. Chad DeLanzo says:

    I mean he played that J9 hand against Sammy pretty terrible IMO.

  36. David says:

    I wonder what his least favorite hand is

  37. Flat Earth Bunny says:

    how does this fucn guy have so much money??

  38. Jason Liu says:

    @0:17 Yes Barry was a really good player for his time and this is clearly an old video, but it's interesting to see how far poker has come. Even I can tell that J9o hand was atrocious and I'm nowhere near a high stakes reg. In most preflop ranges nowadays, J9o is a fold in early position. As played, bet is fine on the flop but should be a fold facing the raise. Sammy's raise into 3 people is likely 2+ plus and 9To. Given Barry blocks the 9, J9o is a pretty bad bluff catching candidate. Turn is a fold for the same reason flop should have been a fold. And river is an extra strong fold since there's basically no bluffs on the flop that Barry can beat on this river.

  39. anonymoussource1 says:

    Dwan's move in the family pot against Barry and Peter Eastgate is one of the best plays in HSP history.

  40. Gaming Since 88 says:

    Less and less hair

  41. lee white says:

    didn't he double up through Dwans aces with a weak Jack?

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