😱 Non-Cease Successful ➡ 5 Dragons Gold Slot Machine 🌴Agua Caliente Palm Springs On line casino

18 thoughts on “😱 Non-Cease Successful ➡ 5 Dragons Gold Slot Machine 🌴Agua Caliente Palm Springs On line casino”
  1. Gloria Salcedo says:


  2. Shane Hart says:

    Buffalo yer best game it did nuthing for me other day add but got $1000 of 80 cent bet i only put $5 in the machine got 86 free doing 24 gold ram s an logo swich over to the buffalo s. I got $1000 winning .lucky me. 86 free spin was eppic. Even the worker was waching. ..

  3. Shane Hart says:

    Hi Brian all way from australia every time i go to pokie s only to win..i tell others to check out BC slots …dam other day i was down .till i jumpt on machine next to a 900 jack pot one an it payed me out better than lady on higher machine as mine was only on 540 jsck pot. Then I got 5000 fier ball on 3x an got 85 winnings then whent on big red $1 doller machine an bam of $2 doller bet. Got free spin s cume up every tree was $80. An then of $2 buck got 150 on free spin and grand jack pot came up..but dident drop as I only had it on $2 2 line s. Fumming. But got my money back. With in4 hr s playing

  4. JamJam Ng says:

    I like this couple…

  5. Chaby Fanta says:


  6. Vanessa Otero says:

    Congratulations Brian on that nice hit. You are too hilarious. You make my day.

  7. James Oneavatar says:

    That cat game probably has an amazing bonus. At least you got a few 5-of-a-kinds

  8. Mincent Price says:

    You said the casino is close to your office. It seems that you're always jet setting around the country, I'll bet you don't spend much time at the office or in your own home. Thanks for working so hard to give us all of the thrilling content Love you Guys

  9. judyh777 says:

    I also hit buffalos all the way across once for a $1000 line hit…almost hit the floor! Needless to say it's never happened again; the buffalo have definitely eaten my green since then, but I still love it! Great video !

  10. Scott Bunch says:

    Sweet! Get it!

  11. JScottV says:

    Color Cash is fun!

  12. Lorraine Ferraro says:

    Nice wins

  13. Sean Mullan says:

    I do love a bleep blop bloop machine

  14. Jessie R says:

    you need a 'No Fakey Shakey' shirt!!!

  15. Jerry Brantley says:

    Just started watching your videos because I promised my mom a one day casino trip on March 29th in Cherokee NC. Dropping her off at 10am and then I'm visiting 3 spots in the area where movies were shot. After we are getting back together where I am going to play 600 on Buffalo at 50 a play and see what happens. Ill lose it all probably but it only takes one spin. I have really enjoyed watching you over the last 2 weeks.

  16. Ozzy Engelbrecht says:

    so funny, first thing i hear is a Swedish singers song. So happy

  17. Carol Johnson says:

    Congratulations on your winning!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  18. Diana Holliday Holliday says:

    Kicking butt!

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