17 thoughts on “🤑 NONSTOP CASHMAN on MAX BET 🎰 $7.50 at San Manuel On line casino”
  1. Mary Spike says:

    Wow! I'd be trying to get the bonus, too, but I believe it's a sucker's game. You probably should have had someone sit there for you, and come back in an hour to see if things changed. Unfortunately, like I said, I'm compulsive and probably would have tried many times over like you.

  2. Judy Johnson says:

    This is like the slots at Bally's

  3. wingsthatsoar14 says:

    That was awesome seeing u let go a bit! That looked like me just keep feeding it! Lol! You and Britt were making me laugh out loud!

  4. Greg Rowe says:

    I’ve played games that suck you in. Just played a wild mermaid game that in order to get the bonus, you collect tiles. It keeps track at the right of the screen. It’s easy to get them until you get closer to getting them all. Then the last 2 or 3 take a while. But if you walk away and don’t stay to get them, you will never get the bonus. I did manage to make a profit on the game overall. Played long enough to get 3 bonuses. 2 were terrible but the one good one of a 90x win put me ahead on the game.

  5. Monica Geistwhite says:

    That was so fun and funny…… 🙂 One of my favorites….. Mr. Cashman thought he was so cute.

  6. Fireworks in the City says:

    800 in and no free games. Game is trash

  7. Candice Lockhart says:

    God I loved this video!!! And love you for being so real!!!

  8. CamWill says:

    I was on the edge of my seat

  9. Fredo B says:

    Thats what I call "Pulling a Fredo"

  10. Zee Train says:

    Somebody has to pay for the new hotel, yup they make the guests pay everyday..

  11. Robin M says:

    Sorry you didn’t break even or won more then you put into the slot machine! This is the best video because you let us see what really can happen to you when you are playing casino slots! Thanks for keeping it real! Enjoy your slot games!

  12. Elisha says:

    Good Lord, was that $1200 and no free spins???? Glad u got some of your money back.

  13. Christine Schmitt says:

    Daft punk…around the world….

  14. Christine Schmitt says:

    Lol awesome! Sometimes it's just like no way this is "my" bingy bingy!

  15. Dale and Linda Riesenberg says:

    I think you were the cash man, unfortunately.

  16. Kenny says:

    Sucker machine..

  17. Dilly Willy says:

    I learned my lesson playing slots that can leave you hanging when I invested $300 to fill up a bucket full of coins to finally fill it to get the mini which was around $20

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