35 thoughts on “Noodles and Loopy Poker”
  1. Sandra Gilbert says:

    It was a hotter than hell day!!!!

  2. Eddie Palos says:

    Heard you said getting rid of the mask? When is the date ?

  3. Daniel Browne says:

    Agree on places that don’t accept cash.

  4. Trex B says:

    Buncha overweight,balding, middle aged white guys fighting over 70 dollar pots at 1/2… sounds like a blast!

  5. Alexander Santana says:

    Right on Trooper! Thanks for that Trooper Thursdays Degenerates Action. I miss not seeing OMC in this video. Probably he is still traveling in his RV. Anyways Thanks again for another great video. I wish you and Christina all the best.

  6. Phong Giang says:

    Let me get some money f$$ker? ¿???¿????¿

  7. Lawrence Hall says:


  8. michael oshea says:

    I hate slow rollers ……he will get his…great vlog timbo

  9. Nick B says:

    Nothing stops the paper towel roll

  10. Freeursoul Park says:

    Ill always root for you, let's go [email protected]!!!

  11. Just Robert Here says:

    How about a tour of the new Casa del Trooper?

  12. Garrett Labelson says:

    There's always 1 idiot, such a shame, hopefully he didn't ruin the game.

  13. Steven Shuff says:

    Noodle detector is going off, " Not made in house "! LOL

  14. karl69179 says:

    dam trooper took a big shit nice grilled pork butt C.T was all over those dragon breath wings crazzzzy T.T action those loud noises brings back memories from desert manor haaaa what a loss oh yea trooper what was the bands name from the no coffee zone vlog love that song mention it later

  15. Markus w. says:

    You are damn RIGHT Trooper….CASH IS FREEDOM

  16. David Perry says:

    Good job showing up on time, for a change!

  17. TheUnprofessionalChef says:

    I've been to 3 Trooper Thursdays at this point and you were early every time. Back in January probably 10-15 mins before it started lol. Speaking of that one I still can't believe you remembered my name! Anyway….you mentioned loud noises in your neighborhood, when do we get to tour the new Casa del Troopers?

  18. Danny Burleigh says:

    Me too! I really hate places that don't take CASH! & in my shop all I except is CASH! Rock On!!

  19. Tarek Abdelhady says:

    What nights you play at the nugget???

  20. John Rice says:

    I went to a trooper Thursday like 3 years ago or something like that, and I was the one that was late

  21. Robert S says:

    About time your not late, lmao

  22. Mark Dempsey says:

    You should add a bunch of the bomb pots to the Trooper Thursday Vlogs. Would be cool to see those hands playout and see how big they get.

  23. Bruce Kessler says:

    Tim, you used to go to Teriyaki Madness a lot. Got tired of it? I’m in Philly and have a new one opening near me. Long time fan of your vids. Miss them when you’re too busy to drop a vid (I understand though). Thank you for all of your hard work,,

  24. Corky says:

    It's just Thursday…its not trooper Thursday until the Trooper arives, so your not ever late…just saying

  25. manco82 says:

    Trooper – what do you have against a credit card? You need a CC to book plane flights, get loans and shop online.

  26. Carpet Cleaning says:

    Wud up it’s my favorite trooper


    Good stuff man!

  28. Red Star965 says:

    Hay tropper what happened to the Westgate free play?

  29. James Ryan says:

    Cd tell Trooper not happy with this edition of Trooper thurs., but as always, he makes the best of it…!

  30. Kevin McCarron says:

    Wish the slot machines were like that

  31. ChrisC says:

    I think people confuse RUNNING late (which you often complain about) with ARRIVING late, which doesn't happen often at all.

    Imagine being a poker player in the Year Of Our Lord 2021, and you don't know what a double board bomb pot is.

  32. J M says:

    Tell us how you lost bro!

  33. Charles Foutch says:

    You'd love my favorite pho joint in Nashville. All they accept is cad no credit cards. Was it the toilet towels slow rolling?

  34. Mr English says:

    Trooper Standard Time.

  35. Brad Rock says:

    Oh shi.. forget to ask, how were the desserts? They looked good. Trooper Thursday looked busy that's cool.. Sorry bout the loss.. Anyway GO GAMBLE!!! And folks try the smoothest coffee ever..

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