35 thoughts on “Nothin’ However NEW Slot Machines! $1,000.00 On line casino LIVE Stream!”
  1. Andrea Paulson says:


  2. Genie Genie says:

    Mr potty mouth l like when you play different machines l enjoyed watching you all the time

  3. Jo Bacchus says:

    yipper skipper, so much fun

  4. Patrick Kyker says:

    That new buffalo game has too much shit going on.

  5. bigini virginie says:

    Lovly live stream Kitty YALLAH TIME TO WIN BIG

  6. Gunther Moes says:

    Paige made you……

  7. INVI SIBLE INC says:

    People who are Democrats will get $600 in COVID stimulus.

    If you support President Trump you get $2000.

  8. Vincent M says:

    So sad I've been missing your lives.. Why don't you have the phone number to remind me of when your live like…. BC???

  9. Fitzgerald Townsend says:

    I can make you some specialty mask

  10. zinghis khan says:

    Thumbs down required cuz crazy hand blocking view every day.

  11. Jason says:

    Last spin double, first spin double – CROW for days! JUST THE BEST EVER – thank you, SD

  12. Diana Butler says:

    Enjoyed this video very much. You are very funny when you don’t say G-D every sentence.

  13. Rhonda Clark says:

    Aw I missed you. Crazy guy.

  14. Shawn McFarland says:

    Todays word is DAMP…

  15. Shawn McFarland says:

    #1 today

  16. Lava Lamp says:

    Durn! Well, a battle is still a battle win or lose. Merry Christmas to you and yours 🙂 Have a safe and happy holiday.

  17. steven gerson says:

    To the fan that has covid get well soon well another insane video sorry you craped out but a comeback is just around the corner

  18. Becky T says:

    Dang it. I keep missing you.

  19. Badluck Bart says:

    “Thumbs my ass up!” Another tremendously stupendous slot video!

  20. Chante Gomez says:

    On fire link touch the screen to stop free games or fire balls. You can stop each reel individually I’ve found that helps. Good Luck!

  21. Andrew Swanson says:

    Kinda salty went to see u couldnt find u but extra salty cause i hit for 2thousand on the machine with the 18k max bonus and then as soon as i get off dude gets on first spin hits the grand jackpot at riverside saltiest day of my life

  22. everyday PLUS fashion with Dawn Polan says:

    My husband and I have both gotten the mega. He did it on pennies. Max bet. I did it on ten Cents $6.00 bet

  23. Christopher Moar says:


  24. Candy Jacobs says:

    Lol I said firelink. Then you did it❤❤❤❤

  25. Don Zapp says:

    LMAO I'm crying laughing guys like I'm watching him stoned. I'm thinking as am I and it is a good time as S.D said haha can't wait until group pulls back bin awhile since I had a handpay! Dang machines shut down here :/ good luck S.D.! And I know what that means kitty :p

  26. Teresa Julian says:

    Hope you win big SD

  27. Mary Robinson says:


  28. Zack Richardson says:

    Hahah yes thanks for playing bowls gg

  29. Benita D says:

    Hey hey get that deed

  30. Curt Hegeman says:


  31. asbe01 says:

    Lou Dobs, So g.d. funny.

  32. Mo Vann says:

    Same game with same features

  33. Old_Head_Ted _1 says:

    Offering Coach Megan free mustache rides !

  34. vegas on film says:

    Fun one pal .love the fire link stink pink wink

  35. Mo Vann says:

    I'm here for it!!!!

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