33 thoughts on “Ocean's One – Sykkuno Heists On line casino Diamonds”
  1. cdansean cho says:

    sykkuno has a betting problem

  2. Robert Magic says:


  3. Emmi says:

    I mean, he has mined literally thousands of diamonds at this point, half those diamonds are probably his to spend technically.

  4. Jason Liu says:


  5. Avee Patel says:

    Ludwig would never mind Sykkuno taking all his diamonds

  6. SurrealKeenan says:

    Sykkuno's 11

  7. Mr.Stonks says:

    Nothing like loosing in your own shop, then stealing from your own shop

  8. 100Hasake says:

    Anyone else think its hot when Sykkuno does that tongue thing 0:25

  9. Steellmor says:

    I like how video starts with "How did we lose with 19??" and ends with "There is no way we can lose with 19!".You can just loop it indefinitely.

  10. sean Meas says:

    Sykkuno is that a hair cut!?

  11. trappedreality says:

    didnt someone straight up move the diamond chest yesterday? lol

  12. Eli Moody says:

    Sykkuno does more lying playing Minecraft than Among Us

  13. Pickle says:

    sykkuno just took all the diamonds back lol

  14. Ragna L. Grifol says:

    They had corrupted him

  15. • TodorokiUwO • says:

    This is one of the streams I was actually there for so I don't have to watch this to know what happened :'3

  16. Bread says:

    Sykunno double with hard 13, omg my eyes

  17. Rip says:

    Technically he was not stealing, he just play for free

  18. Marsh Walker says:

    Lilypichu plans with effort

    Sykunno: YOINK

  19. OrangeOblivion says:

    what shaders is he using?

  20. Jay W says:

    He was an early investor, so technically he's just withdrawing from an atm

  21. Panik says:

    Sykkuno got himself a fresh haircut, next he's gonna be wearing tanktops

  22. JorjPlayz says:


  23. fastpace101 says:

    He's so bad at black jack

  24. GHM_ says:

    he literally stole the diamonds just to spend it all at the casino

    gambling addicted KEKW

  25. Niklas Robin says:

    Yep definitiv just a bug

  26. Jack Wolfe says:

    FYI the AI for the game only lets you win with bets under 50

  27. TutorialsByKevin says:


  28. Aryano says:

    Sykkuno > ocean 4

  29. Sky Dream says:

    This scene is so much better in Miyoung’s POV KEKW

  30. Zeil Fos says:

    And there is Ash who does not whether she would kill Sykkuni, tell Ludwig, or act as if nothing was happening

  31. cj pe says:

    I mean he is a part owner.

  32. kev says:

    Isn't Sykkuno a part-owner of the casino??

  33. sciki says:

    Fastest clipper in the west

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