18 thoughts on “Offended Gambler Visits HARD ROCK CASINO!”
  1. Gilbert Aguilar says:

    Must you use profanity every other word…

  2. Rich says:

    Holy shit your playing in my home town!! Last time I was in the sewer city I won 799 at the hard rock!!

  3. Sayon Nhem says:

    I don't like your attitude with saying bad words

  4. Nancy Smith says:

    Please remove me from this site. Your language is deplorable!!!

  5. Hil Sib says:

    to pass the time and get inspirations.. nice

  6. Ronald Blackburn says:

    I would hang with the angry gambler anytime .

  7. Mmmm Hmmmm says:

    Whining –
    (Verb) the making of a long, high-pitched cry or sound.

    Whimpering –
    (Verb) the making of low, feeble sounds expressive of fear, pain, or unhappiness.

    Whinging –
    (Verb) complain persistently and in a peevish or irritating way.

    Grousing –
    (Verb) complain pettily; grumble.

    Might I suggest, for next time, "Grousing Gambler Visits HARD ROCK CASINO!"

    If it sends Backup-spin Betty to the dictionary, that has got to count as a win, right?

  8. beautyzz says:

    You making your money worth by swearing at the machine

  9. Vivian Gutierrez says:

    Sugar hit it my favorite !!!!!!!!! I dream about it lolll I have won so much on it

  10. Sannie Hoslter says:

    Hey SDGUY did know that casino manager can programmed the slot games in office by turn on V chip all slot machine so he control the out come all slot machine plays.

  11. Joyce Magonigal says:

    Am thinking many of us dislike Lepracoins.  lol. A frustrating game!

  12. Tommy McKinnon says:

    I just looked at a video of yours in Kansas one year ago

  13. James R OBoyle says:

    Hey SDguy . Your day will come on the leprechaun game . I won $2700 last year on it . Awesome video by the way .

  14. carl blumenstock says:

    Don't yell at the little Irish guy! He can't help what he does! He's ginger!

  15. Lisa Itsallthesame says:


  16. Sherlanda Surry says:

    I was an angry gambler the other day at Ho chunk casino in Madison. That place was tighter than a fat woman trying to squeeze in a birdhouse entrance hole.

  17. Eric TheDude says:

    I hate it as well…but…I would play it IF I COULD!!
    Casinos closed since MARCH!!

  18. Peter B says:

    I think all the flashing and spinning is causing psychosis

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