38 thoughts on “Oliver Calls Clock on Daniel Negreanu ♠️ Poker Etiquette ♠️ PokerStars International”
  1. PokerStars says:

    Would you have called the clock on Negreanu?

  2. timtrfny timtrfny says:

    Simple: You make that move, you're a douchebag.

  3. Daniel Carrera says:

    To me I think the more time you give a player the more he will think of what possible hands can beat his own which will help you in the long run

  4. Drip27 says:

    I honestly don't think he called clock on Daniel to be a jerk. My opinion is that in that moment, against one of the all time greats he couldn't handle the pressure and wanted it over ASAP so he called clock.

  5. Greg Pek says:

    Bad etiquette and then the goof has the temerity to smile as if he was clever. Goof.

  6. Brian D. Patureau says:

    He was weak,calling the clock after seconds showed he was weak,easy call for Daniel. Jerk deserved it.

  7. Brian taylor says:

    The best part of his play here is he didnt get mad. So many people would have been angry

  8. Brian Seaquist says:

    What a jerk, thats a legend sir. Watch ur manners. 30 seconds maybe, wow

  9. Stephen Mazzeo says:

    Daniel realized Oliver called the clock to knock him off balance. It didn't work. It was nothing disrespectful or personal. What is a Wombat to do when up against a Lion

  10. dewsplash says:

    If you you aren't Tony G, don't call the clock that quick.

  11. odysseusnissan says:

    Negreanu calls more than Canadian Pharmacy.

  12. Frankie says:

    I would of re-raised him and call clock straight away

  13. Brad James says:

    I agree with Daniel on this one. I've seen people take way too long, and this was certainly not one of those times. There is a player named Maria from Argentina, and she is notorious for purposely taking too long, to bore players into submission. So she should get the clock every time, but Daniel is innocent here.

  14. Bose says:

    Would pay to see that happen to Tony G or hellmuth

  15. Christopher Coupland says:

    13 seconds actually

  16. Dev Rob says:

    That's one way to never get invited to the head table again.

  17. Joe Shaloom says:

    I can't even eat a sandwich without conveying information anymore thanks to Daniel.

  18. ronald griffin says:

    a weak hand tale calling clock that quick

  19. Ian Block says:

    Daniel has terrible taste in hats

  20. Ian Richards says:

    Guess Oliver didn't remember that everything he does at the poker table conveys information.

  21. steve Horspool says:

    How many times can one comment section repeat the same comments?? Read on to find out…

  22. BaBa says:

    angle, piece of crap

  23. OSF BG says:


  24. QT8270 says:


  25. Raymond Perales says:

    Now I got more respect for Tony G for calling clock with reasonable time on robo.

  26. James Kim says:

    Douchebag move

  27. QT8270 says:


  28. kingofkings69ner jr says:

    If I was Daniel, I would shoved all in then call clock on him

  29. Hoang Nguyen says:

    The hat bruh 1:31

  30. In-N-Out says:

    The guy actually has the nerve to smile at the end.

  31. Angus Drake says:

    Love you bros you're fucking nice to look at

  32. Aiden Rogatz says:

    Tony G would’ve put this kid in a grave

  33. Praying Mantis says:

    I think the fact he called clock so fast may have proved he was nervous. When players talk during a hand or act nervous it is probably a tell to call.

  34. coltukkor says:

    Note to self: Call clock next time I have a monster

  35. Z. A. says:

    I wonder how this guy would play against Justin Bonomo. Rofl. Would he be calling the clock every hand?

  36. ElDomell says:

    Wtf? Clock? xD

  37. Guam Bat says:

    Daniel in my eyes is the GOAT.

  38. Jesse The Melburnian says:


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