37 thoughts on “OMC VLOG – BOONDOCKING & POKER”
  1. OLDMAN COFFEE says:

    The 2 players in the hand with me are cousins….If I had shoved he was going to call me with any 2 cards just to try and get his cousins money….he had me covered 4-1, sure it would have been a bad call but I didn't want to risk my stack on it, and I had no idea what the other cousin was holding after the turn J came….if you follow the vlog you know I don't usually play KK that way….and won't in the future.

  2. N H says:

    Thanks for sharing your veiw of poker and life . When i quit playing poker , the biggests games in Las Vegas where limit 7 card stud . All of Texas Holdem was limit with 20 – 40 being the largest spread everyday at the Mirage .. And omaha was the game of the future , Lots of changes , poker keeps reinvinting its self !

  3. Joe Lewertow says:

    Very enjoyable video, Coffee. The New Age music was perfect salve for my befuddled thoughts. Thank you

  4. Joey Moss says:

    Would love to hear more about boondocking here in vegas im thinking i might start doing the samething untill I work my bankoll back to pre covid. As you know we couldnt play for 6 months and i spent a lot of money in that time so i think ill rent my house out and come park next to you. We can start a advanced theory study group together at the westgate. We'll run the solver with KK pre flop. What do say Mr Coffee. You in?

  5. None Nonerson says:

    Never seen your vids before but I definitely liked it. Good editing/music, plus POV at the table is a really great way to make the viewer feel like they’re sweating the hands right there with you

  6. RIVER KING says:

    Another great video!

  7. Thomas Bould says:


  8. chris burton says:

    Enjoyed thanks.Music good story went along well. Card game played kings wrong but i have done the same many times .Glad you won . Good luck with your over night parking.

  9. ASAP DART says:

    good job omc!

  10. Drew Andrews says:

    You might look at RIo oversized parking lot used during Wsop. I know during the summer ive lived in that parking lot before in my rig with no problems, Also if you go out towards the lake there is alot of BLm land that you can use to boondock and be hassle free from the security guard swat teams. There's also some spots over by the nascar racetrack that you can stay overnight.

  11. David Avila says:

    I liked your POV shots. Nice.

  12. Verlin Brumley says:

    Keep up the great work on the videos good job !

  13. poker pro86 says:

    Very cool video. I think your on to something special here. Keep it up.

  14. Harvey's Cash Game Academy says:

    This might be the greatest channel on YouTube!

  15. Eric Comp says:

    Living MY dream!!

  16. watbri says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 Hey OMC!

  17. J Fleming says:

    Thanks OMC!

  18. MorgansNCAdventures says:

    Good Vlog OMC. People talkin bout that KK hand. It amazes me how people know what you "SHOULD" have done and they wasnt even there. You did what you thought was right for the time. I get it sir…. Carry on…..

  19. Alex B says:

    You should be arrested for how you played that pocket kings hand Jesus christ

  20. iheartoblivion90 says:

    Are you trying to play as a stereotypical OMC? Limping kqo otb is so bleh. Just raise, build pots, get people to fold, tell a story of a good hand and you wont have to rely on making a hand. I'm sure your reputation at this spot precedes itself. Take advantage of your image. If you love the game. Study it.

  21. Jeff Haberman says:

    You played that KK hand so bad. Why didn’t you bet at least the turn big, so he couldn’t get there on the river. Sorry OMC but you deserved to lose that hand. Still like your videos.

  22. Tony G 410 says:

    Great episode…tough run out on the KK hand with Ace hitting on river

  23. Andy Kee says:

    OMC good to see you back in the winners circle. Giving up your seat for an out of towner you're a gentleman OMC

  24. Chris From Belgium says:

    Good video! Let's hope you stay at the Westgate and don't have to move around all the time.

  25. Jacob S says:

    Cool video. Liked the shot of you showing what it's like walking in / through the westgate, as i've never been there. Dang that football promo is pretty aggresive as well. Don't know how long you've been vlogging but pretty impressed OMC.

  26. Jag Parhar says:

    Hope you find a permanent place to boondock! Good session, take care OMC

  27. Frank Garcia says:

    ALWAYS Nice to see you book a WIN Kris!

  28. Steve Botello says:

    Great Video OMC. I look forward to meeting you next Thursday at Westgate for Trooper Thursday!

  29. BOB says:

    OMC, I have to say it's hard watching some of the hands you show us. You keep making some of the same mistakes over and over. With QQ you need to raise higher pre, bet the flop and the turn. With the KK hand, when the guy goes all in for $35, that opens action back up to you. I would have liked to see a raise there to isolate. However, you flatted and got 1 caller and the flop was great for your hand, why no bet? That's at least a $50 bet there and starts a side pot. Then if he calls, (doubtful) you shove on the turn. In any case you fell back into making nice nice and it cost you a nice pot, to a guy sitting on ace rag. Believe me I'm rooting for you but you keep letting trash hands catch up to your premium holdings with either very small bets, or checks. I want to see you make a lot more $$ for your time.

  30. President_Kanye says:

    Run….Don't walk…..Run…. back to the RV Park that charged ONLY $465 per month.

  31. William Klein says:

    I really like the format you use to show your hold cards.

    I live @ Pecos/Flamingo area. I walk my dog in the neighborhood every A.M. There are three motorhomes that have spent the summer in the area. They find a street that has a wall along it's entire block ( there are several in this area. . They park at night and move mid- AM. ( they usually spend the day at Sunset park) Works for them.

    The KQ hand. No way do I go into that hand with everyone. I would raise that up strong to get it down to one or two players. Too much chance you get beat with all those players in.

    The KK. Raise that baby up hard preflop. Then why check on the flop? Bet it hard and get people out. If you get called, consider pot control but I'd bet it hard again based on the player I'm against.

    The rest seemed the way I'd play them.

    Love the vids. Thanks for all the work putting them out. Congrats on the win.

    BTW, how are the batteries going?

  32. Chuck Rosseel says:

    Checking with KK twice in that hand. Yikes, I want in on that game.

  33. Gary B says:

    Enjoyed your video my friend.

  34. Andrew Fitzsimmons says:

    Hard luck on the KK hand So glad the pocket 10's held up for you!

  35. Mister Wegas says:

    Strange how it changes. I just spent 10 days at South Point. Security never said anything

  36. shimy333 says:

    hey OMC… ever think about going to a class B?

  37. David Silverberg says:

    Great vlog as always! How long will that fill up of fresh water last you?

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