11 thoughts on “OMG BIG WIN on HIGH STAKES! (Slots Massive Win)”
  1. Keith Poynton says:

    Nice win for a Utd fan.

  2. Steven Cunningham says:

    Big greasy bucket!!!!!

  3. FEZblue says:

    Jord looks upset coz Liverpool is dropping down the table….. oh wrong answers sorry

  4. Richard Swinburn says:

    Funniest video I seen from you guys great joke about KFC Haha

  5. Aydin Dinc says:

    Great video as always gents. Smoked a joint while watching, made it even better somehow lol.

  6. Ben Green says:

    Jord looks skinny in that shirt

  7. david johnson says:

    Still laughing at the greasy bucket comment

  8. Marc Ripley says:

    Jordan looks like a character from Cluedo

  9. Steven Rutherford says:

    Not even 106 x so what I play £212 would hardly be classing it as a big win certainly not saying what a hit.

  10. 47thDestroyer says:

    Great video as always. 😉

  11. Smalltime Slots elite says:

    First 1 again to like chip lad

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