22 thoughts on “OMG! Jackpot Handpay Stinkin Wealthy! $5 Guess”
  1. Jane-O B says:

    Wow, a 1940 line pay is outstanding!!! Congratulations!!!

  2. Susan Seppala says:

    That was stinking awesome!!!… congratulations Diana❣️

  3. Tim Morey says:

    Great job Diana, Howdy from South Texas.

  4. elainezdollz says:

    Wow!! Amazing hit.

  5. Evelyn Mohammed says:

    Hi miss diana nice win, I guess stinkin rich is your new besty lol cheers darling.

  6. Gem Tarot says:

    Fantastic bonus. Awesome stuff!!! Fantastic I found you, beats watching the tv with Hubble. Lol

    Good luck for your next casino win

  7. eileen goostree says:

    Congrats Diana! You played and played at different Stinkin Rich games. It payed off for you! Fabulous Handpay!

  8. Dee Dunn says:


  9. Tee Mims says:

    Good bonus! I just got one on there this morning for $2k

  10. Roger Hochreiter says:

    That bonus spin is AMAZING!!!

  11. jon smith says:

    I wonder how many hours of footage she doesnt show. Idk im super suspicious about slots esp online ones and RNG nowadays. Seems like 90% of the time I up my bet I go on long losing streaks and the second I reduce it I win. Super sketchy

  12. Galen Turner says:

    Nice video

  13. Alice Wong says:

    Hi can u put the Subscribe logo anywhere but the bottom right corner… it blocks the WIN viewing…. thanks!

  14. Nathaniel Lee says:


  15. John Jasper says:

    take a big WHIFF!!!!! congrats Diana

  16. Jackpots After Dark says:

    Congrats on that bonus. Mrs Gottrocks is 500 a line in that bet and u got her three times on that spin . So incredibly hard to hit that let alone three ways

  17. Sherry Alsup says:

    Congratulations!!! That was amazing!!

  18. Meli Loves Slots says:

    This Is What I Want When i Play Stinky Rich.. Awesome Win And Jackpot Diane! I'll be playing on my next trip to the casino..

  19. sun shine says:

    What a beauty! Congratulations Diana. All three games in same day and same casino ?

  20. Common Sense says:

    You never wanna hear a woman say “thank you for coming quick “

  21. Darth Maul says:

    Good win! Hard to win on that game. I never go that high per spin.

  22. Headersbetter SLOTS says:

    That was awesome!!! Congratulations.

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