26 thoughts on “OMG!! MY BIGGEST JACKPOT HANDPAY EVER on Double High Greenback!”
  1. Lady Luck HQ says:

    Want more old school games? Check this out—> https://youtu.be/wlctKOWVtdY

  2. Cody Martin says:

    That was insane!!!

  3. Dimples Samuels says:

    That is awesome!!! Congrats

  4. Pachinko says:

    What’s the point of these streams? To create more degenerates?

  5. Dante says:

    10/10, would wife immediately

  6. Mary Mcdonald says:


  7. James Spitzer Cash Out!! says:

    Love all your videos Lady Luck HQ!! Check out my new channel friends!!
    James Spitzer Cash Out!!
    Lots of fun, keno and more. Have some collaborations with fellow youtubers coming up in June at the Wynn in Vegas. Come on out and join the fun. Thank you!!

  8. Jim Scott says:

    L E A V E…..

  9. D M says:

    Let see what it say’s what a idiot!!!

  10. B R 40 says:

    She is a little weird today with all those sound effects

  11. Dip Do says:

    NG slots!!

  12. xoxo xoxoxo says:

    So awesome

  13. Denise Brooks says:


  14. David Wright says:

    Wow what annoying voice

  15. Rachel Russell says:

    I just love watching this video. How about some Green Machine Deluxe?

  16. R G Slot Wins says:

    Hubby has amazing timing wow just suck amazing wins congrats guys

  17. Kenan Ozcelik says:

    All videos are click bait
    All of them "biggest"

  18. Go Right News says:


  19. Abe Shaw says:

    I gotta know cause I’ve been gambling for over 20 years. I see a lot of wins on your channels how much do you lose?

  20. dog mah says:

    Nice win and fun slots you play but I had to watch it on mute… cant stand to listen to her voice at all.

  21. Kevin Negoro says:

    Nice hit

  22. Giuseppe Milucci says:

    See yuo in may

  23. Bike Man Dan says:

    You must be getting peeled more often. Totally drunk.

  24. Jose Reyes says:

    Wow that's awesome

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