23 thoughts on “On line casino (9/10) Film CLIP – Assembly within the Desert (1995) HD”
  1. Renato Pereira Pinheiro says:

    Can we take a moment to admire the writing here? The voice over is just perfect for Rothstein, it communicates the tension of the meeting by merging traits of his modus operandi. He is a man that does well in the gambling business not for taking risks or high bets. He calculates his odds at every situation of his life and bets in safe results avoids being careless ( for the most parts). Friendships, business and even his marriage is based on investments and possible outcomes. He counts cards for his life, so when he says "i gave myself 50-50" you how hard this meeting is gonna be.

  2. The Lewis says:

    "Yu mutherfucker yu!" God I love that bit.

  3. Jacinto Williamson says:

    29 cuss/swear words….

  4. Slobodan Reka says:

    They found each other using GPS.

  5. Ronald Shank says:

    Well… that went over good!

  6. Aiken Payne says:

    What a great scene they both feed of each other when they act together and that's why they are so good at what they do.

  7. RFFVNS says:

    0:32 one of the best shots of all time!

  8. bc7364 says:

    "When dafuck did I ever ask you if I could come out here" is one of the greatest deliveries of a line I've ever heard.

  9. Flame Killa says:

    The Bert and Ernie version of this is way better.

  10. Not_Reqd says:

    "I knew about the holes in the cornfields of course, and everywhere I looked there could have been a hole"…….

  11. Clen O'Gallagher says:

    2:24 US and Israel's relationship


    The most impressive part about this scene is how those tires squealed in the desert

  13. Tyler Durden says:

    50/50… Well, he came out ahead on that wager!

  14. S7 Cade says:

    whose here after the michael franzese movie review lmao?

  15. Tommy Soprano says:

    Supposedly this was add lib…..Joe Pesci at his best!!!!

  16. Daemion Walker says:

    The big thing here is…. Why were the tires making that sound while there's no paved road? I mean it's all dirt in the desert

  17. Jonathan Gillis says:

    I love how the tires squeel in the sand!

  18. My Name is JAFO says:

    "You ever heard of CALL 69?!? C'mon sport!"

  19. David Chung says:

    Michael Franzese sent me here

  20. silverstacks says:

    It was like watching two brothers argue. these two are so good together.

  21. Crunchy says:

    Please LEGO Movie do a Casino one

  22. the mogul says:

    Wow, just wow

  23. John Menyhard says:

    How come he. Didn’t have a gun himself

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