35 thoughts on “On line casino Comps for Craps”
  1. Daniel says:

    Thanks guys. I have learned so much from your collaboration. Keep up the good work.

  2. Dennis Luznak says:

    Great video, always wondered how my comps were allocated. Good knowledge to know if you are a craps player

  3. ikold123 says:

    this answered no questions. Can I have that 10 minutes of my life back?

  4. HighsNBurgers says:

    Another good video from you cats.

  5. Gary Jaramillo says:

    Iv watches this a few times over the months but what I gathered if your playing FOCUSED ON COMPS is basically- play on a 5$ table always play 20$ on the come (dont expect that return) and use place bets to win and cover the hypothetical lose of the come bet

  6. Trash says:

    Can you get in trouble for hedging?

  7. Shane the suburban cannabis farmer! says:

    Easiest way to get comps is this….. WIN!!!! Kick their ass and they will do ANYTHING to keep you playing!!!!

  8. YURY M. says:

    Im there to win. Dont really care about any comps. If i gotta hedge the bet to protect a bet ill do so… lol…. I always tip….

  9. Jesse C says:

    IMO the Caesers Reno properties are shit. That's Eldorado, Silver Legacy and Circus Circus.

  10. Jeff Stone says:

    I don't pay much attention to comps. I don't play for comps. I play what I want to play. BUT I do get comps. Free hotel stays, meals, show tickets, car detailed, etc. If I get comps I thank them and go more often and if no comps then they get less business. I'm a medium roller. I get to know the dealers and pit bosses. I don't think I've ever questioned my rating. I WON'T wait in a 30 minute line set of plastic spatulas!!! Good casinos will treat you well.

  11. Max Kelter says:

    You mention about being zeroed out. Isn't that illegal? I mean it's there casino they can do what they want.

  12. Akira 38 says:

    I went to the casino a few months ago. Played for 10 hours betting $25 on the don't and kept betting the DC keeping 3 numbers up and got a whole $0.22 In comps. I no longer bother with the players card.

  13. Bob Crane says:

    If that's how they calculate comps, go to a different casino. If you have 4 bets going consistently for 4 hours, you can either add the bets together or multiply the time by the number of bets. I've been comped well for craps and comped poorly. It should always be a function of the house edge on total wagers. 20% of the houses expectation or in case of large losses; a loss rebate (i.e 1000+ loss in a session, that should get you a couple nights hotel; they know they'll get more action off you.) I prefer casinos that give you a coupon a week to get you in the door, free food and hotel for sufficient action and some cash comps (I use those if I'm down in a session.)

  14. Des Honydo says:

    This explains why I can get rated at $50.00 or $200.00 a bet at different casinos in the same night. Incompetent supervisors are the problems to my playing for decent treatment. Thanks

  15. Aaron H. says:

    The risk (house advantage) and reward (EV) on a blackjack hand is nearly the same every hand with the exceptions of doubling and splitting, side bets and game rule variations. So the comp is calculated on a percentage of the house advantage per hour.

    In Craps, each type of bet has different house advantage, so calculating the house advantage and the corresponding comps is complicated. And in the case of odds bets, they will be ignored because they have no house advantage.

  16. chenryrex says:

    I found this interesting. When I asked how they calculate at the craps table in a couple of casinos is Tunica, MS. At each casino said that at table games, across the board, they check you in and 1st, you get different rating points depending on the table minimum, and those points are all calculated by the amount of time you spend at the table and not by your individual bet amounts.

  17. YomA Maso says:

    Headed to vegas march 24th for an overnighter
    Playing at Paris
    What is your advise for a overnighter session?

  18. oscar argueta says:

    How do the automatic craps tables work with comps since you are inserting your card into them???? Anyway you can find out PLEAAASSSEEEEEE

  19. oscar argueta says:

    SOOOO pretty much if you are looking for good comp games NEVER go to a craps table lmao

  20. MrCrisco145 says:

    Can you do this for blackjack

  21. Big Baller says:

    Don't gamble at all you will be able to save a ton of money and will not need those comps.

  22. Say What? says:

    The comp rating in craps is horrible because you can actually come away a winner if you know what you are doin, you don’t play craps for comps you play craps to come away with profit to take home and to earn money to play at comp friendly games such as BJ/ roulette/ and 5$ and up slot machines

    I make my money in a session or two at craps, then pocket some profit and take remaining profit and play roulette to earn comps if I win at roulette great I usually count it as a loss off the fit go though being that every other game besides craps in a casino is rigged,

    For example I come away 1000$ profit from craps I will pocket 6-7 hundred then take remaining to roulette and martingale r/b or a row or a set of 7 numbers

  23. DR. J Craps says:

    At my local casino most of the Pit Bosses hate me because I usually do not bet on others except for the player before me so I can roll the dice. I make my money consistently rolling the dice. I usually take 3 inside number hits and pull my bets. I usually make anywhere between $200 – $300 per session. Yes I always tip my dealers. I only receive an average of 1 – 12 credits for comps. I really do not care about comps. Comps are for losers. If you want lots of comps play slots. Good luck to everyone.

  24. Richard Pratt says:

    When I ask for a comp I only want an open comp no dollar limit on the comp.I am a student at ceg dealing school.

  25. Giovanni Bonanno says:

    Used to be in Vegas if you bet $100/hand you got the Vip treatment and good comps. Now $100/hand is Nothing. At Casino's like Aria & Wynn Encore people are betting from $500/hand to $1K chips and even $5K chips every hand. If you play for Hours then $25/hand will get you comps. Many of the big casino's on the strip in Vegas don't rate players unless they are betting $25/hand or more.

  26. Lance King says:

    This helps me I just got back from Vegas today and am so sick of craps. Its just so hard to win at. Now I understand why after loosing 1000s of dollars I cant even get a free buffet

  27. Jon Hutto says:

    Definitely going there in April when I will be in Vegas.

  28. gankytime7 says:

    I feel so discouraged and taken advantage of after watching this video lol

  29. trixie mcgee says:

    To sum it up. The casino supervisor is completely incompetent. But instead of them being held accountable for their own incompetence it costs the gambler and the casino is just fine with that.

  30. Vince Armenti says:

    Hedging for comps. Fugetta'bout it. Rate you 0.00 even though each bet is treated as a separate entity. Partner Hedging can get you up to 300 to 500 points per day.

  31. Mike w/dice says:

    now I know why my wife, who plays the slots, gets all the meal comps.

  32. coralSLover says:

    WOW! Very interesting information. I bought they rate my comps from how much I show money on table, you opened my eyes. I like your video and would like to see more like this. Thank you! Keep doing what you are doing.

  33. Frank Clarke says:

    good interview want to check out casino quest when i get to Vegas

  34. 555 Craps says:

    I've been told by a supervisor that odds are not comped because they are a zero house edge bet. I've found consistently good tipping is the best way to ensure a good comp rating.

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