On line casino Host “incentives”? : playing

Howdy of us, Simply had a fast querstion to those that have any information or perception on this.

Do on line casino hosts get any kind of incentives, or “kickbacks” for inviting sure gamers to return in an lose? For instance:

a gambler good friend of mine says issues like “ah my host gave me a very nice room, so I want to ensure to gamble lots so she will get “rewarded” for bringing me in, or “in poor health really feel dangerous if she gave me all this good stuff and I dont play”.

IS there any connection between the quantity a sure participant performs, or loses, and the host or hostess who has “their account” or has them assigned to them?

or is the On line casino host simply paid a normal wage, and instructed to be as type as attainable, and supplier nice customer support with no kickbacks?

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