18 thoughts on “On line casino Jizzle – tick (Official Video) Shot by @Acrazyproduction”
  1. Ace Jbp Don says:

    What dude said

  2. Cyrāya Swan says:

    I love Jizzle energy. Every one a hit!!!! Ca-SINO!!!!!

  3. D Jackson says:

    Who is Clyde and dodo

  4. Dakarian Anderson says:

    U b killin these niggas trax jizzle

  5. Qua'Dre Johnson-Collins says:

    Memphis definitely the state where the big stars coming from

  6. Street Urban Newz says:

    Is he talking bout Big homiie G?

  7. DJlive4 #CasinoJizzleDj says:

    Aye this casino jizzle dj/booking manager my nigga not dissing nobdy point blank period dude just gt bars n mfs take everything offensive music is music ….. thanks Management

  8. Ramo864 says:

    Ian gone lie his version harder than big homie G

  9. Its Baby Jaydin says:

    Free Flin

  10. Chiraq Marine Sniper says:

    Where is the one guy at. He was at the end of that 4x song he was always dancing all up in the camera he was the one that shook his hand in survivor when he was I n the hospital bed.

  11. MISSISSIPPI Mike TV says:

    This shit hard

  12. Courtney Moore says:

    He said paper route and glock i hope he sign wit p.r.e.

  13. Kylan_supreme says:

    I think he dissin Big Homie G cause jizzle said you might be somewhere kicked with your feet up cause you put up some stuff like that

  14. Bernard Smith says:

    Is he dissing big homie G

  15. Lewis Bihh says:


  16. Yung MillBeatz says:

    My boy be killing shit

  17. Dakarian Anderson says:


  18. David Arnold says:

    Aye jizzle we need old me pt2

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