15 thoughts on “On line casino Jizzle x “Message” Prod. By 2Ls (Official Video) Shot By @jdfilms3”
  1. Deshun Smith says:

    You know what the Fuck going on Yaaameaaannnnnm❗

  2. Yetta Touch says:

    This hitting

  3. Nita Harrell says:

    My song

  4. Terrance John says:


  5. Antwan Miller says:

    That is tuff

  6. Shada Williams says:

    Cry cry cry .

  7. Tonyy Bandz says:

    I need this beat

  8. Dre Smith says:

    Mane These Memphis Niggas Really Going ☝….. Yeee

  9. Khayree Chism says:

    Talkin dat shit frfr

  10. SupremePxtch- says:

    1 milly

  11. Wes Turberville says:


  12. Kameron Haywood says:

    Shit succ

  13. Yoshi Gang says:

    My boy don’t do no cappin

  14. Crazy Videos says:

    I’m so proud of my cousin he got to a mill congratulations fam❤️

  15. Bj Burnett says:

    This suppose to been at a million y’all sleeping on homie

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