36 thoughts on “On line casino Park – Sonic Heroes [OST]”
  1. Carlos Martir says:

    I like N64 Rainbow Road OST better.

  2. CactusDaNnJr says:

    If I Got Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing On PlayStation 3 Or Wii U (Wii), I Will Love This Song A Ton

  3. Malik Cobb says:

    Who else played this when it first came out. Ahhh Childhood memories now I’m 25 in AIT listening to this

  4. Spaace94 says:

    What was multiplayer ? No single player games were the best games ! Before online !

  5. Your Local Disaster Artist says:

    Song slaps so hard and for what ? Endless amounts of pain

  6. Leonardo says:

    Sonic héroes ♥️♥️

  7. CharaZX says:

    still waiting for casino calamity, sonic paradox

  8. nitetive says:

    wow big nostalgia on this one, so glad to find this song again, feeling like a child discovering a big city with neon in night

  9. Celica A Mercury says:

    * severe ptsds from team sonic and team darks extra stages*
    Holy shit fuck this stupid ass stage and it’s stupid ass map and this stupid ass game

  10. J-MUSIC Ensemble says:

    Had lots of great memories not knowing why I cried every time heard this song as a kid

  11. Casey Chapone says:

    Who’s here from game grumps lol

  12. CoffeeXpress says:

    For some reason this type of instrumental reminds me to the ape escape 1 and 3 soundtrack

  13. Koenma Sir says:

    This song makes me happy

  14. Railfan Cody McCone Productions says:

    Amy: Awww…..
    Cream: I can't believe he did that just so he could get away. Mr. Sonic must be really…..
    Amy: Really….. what?
    Cream: Oh nothing….. hehehe!
    Amy: Now I know what to do, find Eggman and I'll find MY Sonic! You all ready?

  15. f.a.y.a .a says:

    out of all times why didint tails say his head was spinnig here?

  16. Ant Hedgehog says:

    Me:*listens to this song for the first time* =] yo-you know what time it is Vibes

  17. gravemoon says:

    Man I feel old. This was my favorite game.

  18. Greg Williams says:

    When I saw the Sonic Mania intro i immidietly thought of this song for some reason.

  19. BlueCube says:

    Ryan mentioned this in one of Penny's videos, soooo… Im here now!

  20. Amy Rose says:

    My favorite music

  21. Blaque Link Triforce says:

    I put the popcorn in the microwave and this song popped into my head.

  22. Cashlin Snow says:

    I just hear Rouge going, "BINGO!!!" when I listen to this now.

  23. Claude 360 says:

    Hearing this music just drives me insane for some reason

  24. ליאור דוד says:

    I just noticed something.
    When you enter the stage as Team Rose, the cutscene shows that the characters are actually going BACKWARDS.

  25. Kirby SMO says:

    The one thing Mario will never have

    Epic music

  26. Kirby SMO says:

    This song

    Is good

  27. Facehunter2003 says:

    This is a certified good classic.

  28. Nezuko says:

    Listened to this multiple times and still love this

  29. FuryMcpurey says:

    The OG is way better than Roulette Road.

  30. madden8021 says:

    2020 statistics

    50% Memories and talking the game
    10% or less: Where's Casino Calamity Sonic Paradox? I want my Casino Calamity.

  31. dylan parrott says:

    this song in my head usually when I go to carnivals or theme parks at night

  32. Pico 3 & Whitty says:

    Tails: this entire city is like a casino!
    Yeah tails, that’s why it’s called Casino Park.

  33. SonAmy says:

    This is some good music crap!

  34. SonAmy says:


  35. Artey - Mafia: No guns challenge says:

    Cool music, terrible pinball physics.

  36. martzi says:

    glad to see the lovelies infiltrating this songs comment section

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