23 thoughts on “On line casino previous vs new – brief”
  1. I.FxcKing._Scourge.l says:

    The old park was better

  2. slugees says:

    Old casino: huge parking lot for a relatively average building

    New casino: parking lot go brrrrr

  3. Edoardo Vescovo says:

    Is there the old casinò on ps3?

  4. Ken Brown says:


  5. Wilex-Rivi says:

    The fact that the redesigned parking lot makes Poppy and the cops ghosts makes me both laugh and a bit sad

  6. T608RGU ZE3YFX says:

    R* should've kept the old casino cause I think it was better to some point,kinda gives me a Las Vegas feeling

  7. Aman says:

    Only 1 not change

    They still need 2 entrance door to enter the casino idk why

  8. Not an american Soldier says:

    what mod did you use to make the casino new and old?

  9. Борислав Джибаров says:

    i really liked the old trees around the parking lot

  10. Yagami Gaming says:

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  11. Farah Adiba Abd Rahman says:

    1:52 and 1:55 how u get through the wall XD

  12. Franklin Clinton says:

    so the race track is still not useful

  13. Null City says:

    if you do the casino heist you will see the casino parts just saying

  14. II P L А И Т A II says:

    The old parking is way better than the new one

  15. FlintyLovesSirens says:

    R.I.P old Casino 🙁

  16. Leon Edwards says:

    Can you do a video on all the old arcade buildings vs new arcade buildings

  17. Mr Vladimir says:

    its like when you google maps your town and go back to something like 2009, see how everything has changed

  18. Kris krzem Gameplay says:

    I have the old casino because i play on ps3 and i have no ethernet lmao

  19. mr i game alot says:

    Took them 6 years jezus

  20. Don Katili says:

    In my game the Casino is steel old

  21. The Communist Ushanka says:

    Rockstar: 6 years to make a casino.
    Also Rockstar: No updates on that building that's under construction.

  22. xXSilentAgent47Xx says:

    I don't get it. Why character needs to pull the garage on foot to get inside?
    They could've done something about that like using the key button to get inside.

  23. Sine Mora Ex90 says:

    fucks casinos …i want SINGLE PLAYER DLC!!! more content…fuck online…

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