35 thoughts on “On line casino Royale Herb Alpert Redub”
  1. Joe Dokes says:

    Add this over the opening of SPECTRE. I dare you. Because it'll be an improvement.

  2. Brian Powers says:

    I was only around 11 yrs old when my dad had this album…still like it at 52….:)

  3. mcmax571 says:

    Being that Alpert's song was the only good thing about the 1st Casino Royale it was a shame that it wasn't used some where in this movie.

  4. Dan Tolbert says:


  5. wpollock1 says:

    Great idea……love this song!

  6. SadAnorak says:

    Should have used Herb's tune on the remake. Definitely.

  7. goatboy says:

    Bad as the film was, and it is the worst film that I LOVE to watch,  i think it one of the best soundtracks of any film ever made!

  8. Brian Powers says:

    Since I was 10…still love this song, now I'm 50.

  9. stradaveriusfiddle says:

    This is one of the most magical pieces of music to ever come out of a recording studio ! ! ! Herb Alpert as time has passed, goes into the book of music genius's of the '60;s..Thanks for posting it!

  10. Chris Jackson says:

    I've always liked the 60s version more than the modern version

  11. xcaibur says:

    Never fear, Bond is here….

  12. Guillermo Cuevas says:

    Well, that I can´t tell. Nevertheless my point is valid, but don´t worry we can still be friends (regardless the cultural gap).

  13. sekahkiller says:

    Oh God, you're SO inteligent. Excuse my cultural gap. Maybe you also speak more foreign languages than I do.

  14. Guillermo Cuevas says:

    music looks??? how fool of me! i´ve always thought music sounds!

  15. guyontheblackchair says:

    One of the first "movies" I was allowed to go see.
    Fell for the theme….Herb Alpert and the TJB…a gas.

  16. DarkAngel182 says:

    Actually, this does kind of work quite well.

  17. Mel Fiscus says:

    Elevator song ? ? ! ! Your ignorant of any decent music at all ! ! Go take music appreciation again……How about Mozart ? Elevator music too ? ?

  18. 1517CalvinMartin says:

    Very clever!

  19. sekahkiller says:

    haha. Today this looks like an elevator song.

  20. ThePicklepirate says:

    Sean Connery forever!

  21. manuel figueroa says:

    the movie was a parody, very well done, ¡including a Woody Allen James Bond! the music is from Burt Bacharach

  22. Evil Doctor's Lair says:

    This actually works. Not all the beats of the music correspond to the the animation but the fact that most of the do is quite amusing…

  23. Tom Lewis says:

    thats one gritty reboot

  24. N9BJJ says:

    Why the hell didn't they re-use this soundtrack. Another classic example of these bloody film executives that think they know better than anybody else. That would have made the film – it would have been brilliant.

  25. Jonny Vegas says:

    @FoxPlant2006 And you think FUN is what James Bond is supposed to be???

  26. gschultz9 says:

    That's hilarious! What a great idea. Always loved this song!

  27. Michael Cutler says:

    Fantastic number, I used this track many times to lead up to news or weather bulletins when working for pirate radio stations, wow such happy times

  28. tubian323 says:

    I like the old Casino Royale theme, but I think the upbeat tone of it is inappropriate for the Intro of this movie with figures being blown away and bleeding on the floor.

  29. AmazGraz says:

    I wish the quality of the hi-fi was deeper and wider. This is good stuff. It should be heard.

  30. Steve Ukena says:

    Hey! This theme song actually works for the new movie! LOL!

  31. mal35m says:

    I love it. I think they should do the rest of the film with Herb Alpert music. How about Tijuana Taxi for the chase scene and taste of honey for the love scenes. Maybe Mexican shuffle for the fight scenes LOL.

  32. Geddajunior says:

    WOW! I LOVE this old version of Casino Royale….fukin GREAT!

  33. RegencyRoyale says:

    But to Take Command of an Empire….Not a very great French Horn player Here!.Themes vs Fight!…(but wouldn't oui fight for Herb Albert!)…so cool..!

  34. Sismiques says:

    Maybe it was they got em,anyways not toe important.

  35. Saternalius says:

    @Sismiques We're fighting for our lives!

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