19 thoughts on “On line casino Royale OST 33rd”
  1. Arcangelo405 says:

    bester Film bester Musiktitle aus der 007 Reihe

  2. myownruin187 says:

    Love the score in this epic Bond film..one of my fav's along with Goldeneye..

  3. GRATON says:

    I need you looking faboulous, so that when you walk up behind me and kiss me on the neck the players will constanly think about your neckline and not on their cards. Do you think you can do that for me? ( signé le graton masqué)

  4. Shea Arnold says:

    I'm not a fan of Arnold's action music in Casino Royale, but the romantic stuff is spot-on.

  5. luisimgb18 says:

    Vesper is the most beautiful bond girl ever without doubt.She resembles me of the first girl that I've fallen in love,with those deep and indecipherable eyes.

  6. JBrescore2011 says:

    guess LeChiffre disliked it!

  7. koron2009 says:


  8. Marco Niccoli says:

    @blaze2010x You got to admit, George Lazenby and Timothy Dalton were close to portraying the real Bond.

  9. blaze2010x says:

    i much prefer this new bond to the slick ones like Connery and Brosnan who would pulling off impossible shit, this new bond is much more grittier and has more of a personality in my opinion.

  10. Alan W says:

    Beautiful and so tragic

  11. eugene680 says:

    I love this part. Bond resigns from Mi6 to be with Vesper.

  12. Cw3sa says:

    @Cw3sa This part of the movie makes you think that it's over and James is going to quit his job to be with Vesper, but then they take you to another scene and keep the action coming.

  13. Cw3sa says:

    OMG love this track. Right before vesper leaves. Great composition and perfectly executed. Well done!

  14. Adrian Liapis says:

    best james bond movie..

  15. Adrian Liapis says:

    best soundtrack !

  16. Crow010101 says:

    'Sometimes we can forget about the past.'

  17. Calucifer13 says:

    3:05 —–>

    My fav part. So tender. It's the sceene where Bond kisses Vesper, and does not know that it's for the last (then she leaves w/ the case full o/ cash).

  18. mars_in_blue says:

    This soundtrack reminds me a bit of Out of Africa =)
    sooo beautiful!

  19. mistajericho says:

    absolutely fantastic. 5/5

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