23 thoughts on “'On line casino Royale' Pair Daniel Craig & Mads Mikkelsen Reunite and Discuss That Notorious Chair Scene”
  1. Jeff Dime says:

    Too bad Le Chriffre couldn’t find the food with the A6 when Bond hand he nuts. He would of still had chips left. Heads up with the blinds that big he still would of had a shot at the 150 million. Mads could of been a recurring villain in the subsequent movies. You got to know when to fold’em!

  2. Kevin Aqsya fuad says:

    Casino royale one of the best bond movie

  3. 그대여안녕하신가 says:


  4. 그대여안녕하신가 says:

    ????? 뭐야 몇년전 꺼인줄.

  5. Daumantas veckys says:


  6. Daumantas veckys says:

    i love lu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Nighttray says:

    Cast Mads in Knives Out 2. These two need to be in another movie again.

  8. rlmross says:

    WTH!! 15 years old! Feels like yesterday and I'm only 27

  9. mi Tanu says:


  10. Boa Hancock says:

    No Time To Die

  11. PaperRoman says:

    Mads looked so sharp and charismatic best bond villain till date !

  12. Hannah Nimmo says:

    mads spricht genasauso wie ich zu meine freunde spreche! cute. sogar das kleine küsschen am ende? von mir zu du xoxo

    mads speaks exactly how i speak to my friends! cute. even the little kiss at the end? from me to you xoxo

  13. It's Paul says:

    7:35 oh my god he's wearing a Nato strap watch in real life

  14. It's Paul says:

    Still can't get over seeing Mads Mikkelsen with airpods on

  15. DTOM says:

    I think part of what made Mads' villain so memorable was that he was not some tired "taking over the world" Bond villain. He's a cunning, by the numbers, financial type. The stakes were simple & vague: this man funds terrorism. That's all they needed!

  16. Fardin Selim Khan says:

    oh wow

  17. Jerre Hui says:

    Always interesting to me, of watching the two great actors to reunite and talk about the scene experience and their natural aptitude of skill, good stuff!
    I certainly of enjoying it!

  18. Charles Teng says:

    I remember reading articles about Craig casted as the new bond before. People were so hard into him.
    They criticize that he lacked the looks of a movie bond or even the book bond version.
    Thankfully, Casino Royale was well received and people accepted him as Bond ever since.

  19. Kaio Simões says:

    Mads hair… Grindelwald

  20. Gabriela Maria Luz Nuñez Burgos says:

    Se tiran besitos son unos divinos

  21. Russell DeJaynes says:

    Thank you both fine actors. Thank you for the memories and the fun. Thank you

  22. tvixoe says:

    That’s some heartwarming bromance on display right here

  23. yoga asix says:

    The Mikkelsens were born to play villain naturally

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