5 thoughts on “On line casino slots bonus hunt, a great deal of bonuses!!”
  1. Jude Telling says:

    Hi mate just found the channel, love the content just might be an idea to invest in a new mic that is abit higher quality as the audio can be abit harsh on the ears at times. Just a cheap headset will do

  2. Steven George says:

    It’s like a unicorn without the horn ??…. it’s Pegasus the winged horse, I mean , I’m not the best educated at Greek mythology , but even I knew that

  3. Jake Stoke on Trent says:

    Well done jimmy lad

  4. harry fraud says:

    Are u going back the bookies when they open mate

  5. Michael Davies says:

    Not a unicorn without horn it's a Pegasus the horse Hercules used

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