11 thoughts on “On line casino Slots Dwell – 26/09/19”
  1. TheEnterprised says:

    GL <3

  2. Jambacardi 24 says:

    Many streamers are getting fails with Lil Devil , especially The Bandit

  3. Jacinta Shemmell says:

    rather choose my own streamer thx

  4. Jacinta Shemmell says:

    ooooo montezuma megaways

  5. Jacinta Shemmell says:

    i dont wanna do this in chat but theres a go fund me for a 19 year old murdered in tamworth last week young chelsea striker apparently being chatged denies murdering her but they need the money to send her off in a good way xxplease

  6. Jacinta Shemmell says:

    esp his medals

  7. Jacinta Shemmell says:

    fuckin dickheads hate burglars

  8. Marius Mihalcea says:

    hi Nick,just a quick one..did you try to play Lil Devil on a lower stake and when you are close to fill all the hearts to increase the stake?like wild swarm?all the best fella and thanks!

  9. Rossco42 says:

    Just outta interest Nick; Why do you only do 5 lines or less on BOD? I know this has been asked several times, and you're probably sick of answering, but I can't remember the answer. I'm just curious mate.

  10. josh amos says:

    you ever used 888Casino dude?

  11. Amber Murray says:

    Put lil-devil in you're bin list it is rubbish.

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