26 thoughts on “On-line slots – A MAMMOTH 17 recreation bonus hunt!”
  1. Tornado says:

    Many bonuses achieved and 300+ profit is remarkable considering the slots are not paying much this week. As always great to watch.

  2. thomas smith says:

    Monacle really

  3. ASMR Paradise says:

    "Goodness me I don't think I've ever seen it conclude quite as early as that."…. That's what she said!

  4. David says:

    If there's ever sherry on my table, it's accompanying a half eaten carrot and a deep filled mince pie.

  5. Travel with Chris says:

    30 seconds into this video and im slapped with a double unskipable advert. Suffice to say if thats how its going to be then I would rather skip the video. Best of luck none the less sir

  6. Dfuse IDazza DEViiLiiSH says:

    Doing bonus hunts with a deposit bonus risky business

  7. Deborah Peters says:

    What can I say absolutely splendid!!!

  8. Jordan Carney says:

    You always win more when your wagering you just have to hope you can manage to get your money back but still enjoyed the video

  9. Ben Bembridge says:

    Well done on the wins.
    Federation spins on Rick and morty can be the best mate, vindicaters is worse in my eyes.

  10. Cossu Robert says:

    Hey Gentleman Gmbler have you ever considered streaming your bonus hunts on twitch or youtube? I would enjoy that alot and would happily watch that. Wish you the best

  11. pleidiol wyf im wlad says:

    B a nice king edward,a stiff brandy,smoking jacket on this evening colonel

  12. nick faiers says:

    i think you are one of the best streamers now no bandit Well done old boy

  13. chazzlebazzle says:

    Does Mr Green still charge for withdrawals

  14. Lee Obrien says:

    Loved the extra bonuses and longer video mate well done

  15. MFSlots says:

    I struggle to see anything through a monocle let alone slots haha

  16. rozza says:

    I know it’s frustrating when u get only £20 on a bonus but at 60p per spin that’s actually pretty good! On the high volatile ones you will regularly get less than £10 on that stake or any stake to be fair because at its best you get 1000+ X so you have to accept poor bonus coz MOST will not pay much esp on MEGAWAYS!

  17. David vdHurk says:

    Each video is getting better and the wins are nice to see 🙂 Keep it up dear Mr. Gentleman Gambler! You are a delight to watch. I always watch with a big smile! You, dissapointed me tho, you didn't break your record 😛 Next time try harder.. OK? (just kidding! Really, nice to see you improve so much, and enjoying yourself.)

  18. ant simpson says:

    Entertaining as always. Some splendid wins in there. Could you possibly try and bonus multiplier odyssey? Because I can't! Ps. Your monocle needs a polish. You got 9 on Spartans lol good luck for the future!

  19. Jonathan Taylor says:

    OH mr sovereign lol

  20. Des Elliott says:

    Made up for ya. A great watch lad.

  21. Michael Devane says:

    108 sovereigns-he makes me LOL

  22. The Husketeers says:

    Mammoth amount of ads Jesus.
    Switching to adblock browser

  23. surchand singh says:

    I lost all the time how win big,,, plz suggest me,,,

  24. Alexsn2 says:

    Be careful saving bonuses whilst your using bonus money. Can result in all funds being confiscated, as its abnormal play, and usually again terms. Also if you have bonus money left over your cash saved bonuses may turn to bonus money instead of cash. Not sure how mr green work, but I would be very careful doing this with a mix of cash and bonus money.

  25. Стоян Станев says:

    the best

  26. Stuart max147 Allen says:

    Think you should always point out to your viewers that if you take a deposit bonus the casino won't allow you to bonus hunt and believe me I know from experience and really think you should make that clear in your videos as I got massively screwed and the dick head who I signed up through did nothing about it, you seem a decent streamer and deserve a following but all I ask is be clear to your viewers for the casino promos your promoting

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