20 thoughts on “On-line Slots bonus compilation I could also be dreaming 10X on large bass bonanza nice slot session!!!”
  1. diddy7250 says:

    Shady billy.. done this to me on x3

  2. King Pin says:

    Times 10 and no show That’s discussing

  3. Stephen Pickerill says:

    Great couple of bonuses there, never seen Billy boy go x10, nice to see even if he did squat when he got there!

  4. Jason mostyn Mccarthy says:

    Well done

  5. Jack O'connor says:

    try a live session wolfie with stop and step would be a awesome video between you

  6. SlotKing Cook says:

    Cracking result there the wolfie bud well deserved keep em coming pal

  7. SlotKing Cook says:

    Fucking shocking design on this slot, I mean how many times did the prick turn up on other multis and not the 10x, absolutely disgraceful I'd be emailing pragmatic and showing them the clue of that piece of shit.

  8. DEEPROT says:

    This is ace!

  9. Wild King Slots says:

    Oh no! Great to see u get to the 10x just ashame it didn't hit. Unlucky mate, still a great bonus.

  10. Steven Rutherford says:

    That’s disgusting that not once of x10 called it before it even started.

  11. Paul Dangerfield says:

    Cracking vid wolfie, some great bonuses

  12. Gary Ricketts says:

    stop talking it up. could have ,should have etc,,

  13. Gary Ricketts says:

    What a surprise x10 no show. I wonder why!

  14. Gary Ricketts says:

    Why do so many streamers push Great Rhino Mega Aways. Terrible game that absolutely never pays?????

  15. Tornado says:

    Fantastic Wolfie that was so dramatic. I have never seen anyone get to 10x on Big bass that was new to me, never knew it would actually get there. Shame tho it never hit anything on 10x. As for dog house that was the real money maker to win 700+ on the base was amazing. Great to watch and so exciting can't wait for your next session. Well done mate!

  16. SLOTman says:

    Unlucky with the 10X on Bass, first time i have seen it, On Madame Destiny it does repin the wheel and adds the 2 multipliers together, on San Quentin if you get a scatter it gives 2 extra spins and opens another reel with extra wild 🙂

  17. Stephen Nicholson says:

    Great video mate, well done

  18. Stuart max147 Allen says:

    Great video wolfie nice hits and cracking profit mate

  19. Brad Coombes says:

    Doghouse loved it wolfie

  20. Andy H says:

    Never seen X10, great bonus either way lad!

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